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how my day went, the first day of school

Today, I got up and messed with the cat, before going down and eating breakfast. Then, I got dressed and went to school. Here are my new classes:
first period: reading
2. pe
3. social studies
4. tech
5. science
6. math
7. english.
After I got home, I played on the computer until dinner, then ate, and played on the computer more until I cleaned the kitchen. Then, I played on the computer, then posted my blog. That is all I did today.

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the end of the summer

I have had a relatively good summer. The days were mainly filled with relaxation, but there were several days of fun, like when I went to broken bow, maine, and calender lake. We also had a lot of days out on the boat at Joe Pool lake, and swimming at the pool. I really think that this was a wonderful summer, and that I wouldn’t redo any of it.

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the last day of summer

Today, I got up and played on the computer for a while, ate breakfast, then played on the computer some more. Then, I spent the rest of the day cleaning, watching tv, playing on the computer, eating lunch and dinner, getting ready for school, and then taking a shower. Then, I got on the blog. That is all I did today.

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just a regular day

today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I played on the computer, did some chores, played on the computer again, ate lunch, then watched tv. After that, I had my dad register my new domain, which I paid for. After that, I showered, played on the computer and hung out with my mom and sister until dinner, then watched more tv. After that, I cleaned the kitchen, then got on the computer. That is all I did today.

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new primary dain!!!

Hello you visitors, I have some exciting news over at sssjournal! I have just registered a domain that is easier to remember, called! You can now use this domain to visit my website, but can also use Thanks for visiting this sight, and I hope you enjoy your stay over here at the all new!