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how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home, hung out for a while, ate a snack, and then unloaded the dishwasher. Then, I played on the computer and sat around until dinner, ate, then relaxed for a few hours before doing the elliptical, and posting the blog. That is all I did today.

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what’s happening

I haven’t posted one of these posts in a while, so time to catch up with what’s happening. Yes, I do the how my day went posts, but these are summaries of those put to gether. Well, life has been as usual. Those boring school days that seem to stretch on and on, along with goalball practice on the weekends, working out when I can, and making editions to the site. Also, there are those evenings that my head hurts, or that I have homework, or even want to just lay down and sleep. Though I love posting the how my day went entries, I just cannot seem to fit enough activity in my days most of the time to make them intresting. I so deerly thankyou readers and followers for coming and reading the content however, and thus will keep posting them.

Please keep reading, and I will keep posting

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how my day went

Today, I got up, ate breakfast, then played on the computer and relaxed for a while because my mom and dad were at work again. My dad got home around 3:10, and after that me and him went on a jog. I went a mile in 10:53 (10 min 53 sec), and then we came home and I just took a little nap, ate dinner, then posted the journal. That is all I did today.

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how my day went

Today was a boring day because my dad was out of town for work and my mom worked all day. So, me and my sister got up, I played on the computer and hung out with her, ate my breakfast, lunch, and snack, and did my chores before mom came home, and I ate dinner. After that, I got on the blog. That is all I did today.

Just in case you were wondering, today was boring… I mean the fact that no one was home threw about 8 at night, what were me and Libby supposed to do in that time?

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how my day went

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. After that, me and my mom just hung out for a while, before going to nanna’s house so we could pick up some left overs from last night’s meal. I hung out with thomas and watched some more fps russia, and some other funny vids for about 2 hours, before me and mom left, got some lunch, then came home. After that, I ate, and spent a few hours on the computer, before spending the rest of the evening relaxing and watching tv, eating dinner, then hanging with my sister and playing on the computer after she came home from her friend’s house. That is all I did today.

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how my day went (thanks Givving!!!)

Before I post this, I just want to tell you that I hope you had a really good thanks givving. Here is how mine went:

Today, I got up and hung out with my sister for a few hours because both parents had work. Then, my grandpa picked us up, and we went to his house. We spent the day there and celebrated thanksgivving. I am not much a turkey person, thus I ate just mashed potatoes. Yep, I’m just boring like that :). Well, after everything winded down from the celebration and everyone who came left, I just hung out with my cousin Thomas and watched some fps russia on youtube with him. That guy is really funny! (fps Russia).
Well, my mom came and took me home around 10:20, and now I am posting this because it is almost 11:00 now. That is all I did today.

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how to do links in html

Hello you guys,
I am here to share the links html tutorial. Don’t you know how almost every page has a link on it? Well, I will teach you how to create a link that looks just like that. Here is what your link will look like when we finish:
example link.
Don’t click it because it will take you back home to the home page of the website. Now, if you want a webpage, you might just want to create links.

before we begin

As seen in the article of how I do my html symbols which you must read, you know how I do my symbols in html. If you haven’t read that article yet, your best bet is to do so.

diving into the code

Links will take you to different pages. Lets say you had a website, and wanted to put a link back to on it. When clicked, that link would take you to
We will now go threw a table with the list of links tags and there description. If you want to create your own tables, please go back to the learn html page and select one of the tables galore series.

<tdless</bolda href
this table is where the html and its descriptions will go
tag description
this tag opens a link note that you don’t put a greater than sign after the space which comes after a
hrefequals'()’greater in between the single quotation marks, you would enter a url like the format of The href equals is just the letters href which is the second part of the less a tag.
link titleless/agreater when I say link title, you don’t have to enter two single quotations to put that in between, you just enter it after the greater and before less signs.

Now, please try it yourself using the box below. I will email you if it is correct, or help you if it isn’t.

still need help?

Well, below I will type a link and then put the code that it uses next to it. Once again, I will not bold the signs on any example because you should know that that is what I will do every time.

my website is the link
less a href equals’’greater my website less/a greater

Now do you get it? Please go type it in the text box above.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. for more tutorials, please click here
Yep, that was a link! 🙂