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how my Christmas eve went

today, I got up and ate breakfast, before doing a lot of cleaning. After that, I took a long bath, and hung out for a few hours. Then, some family came over. We had dinner, did a white elephont exchange, by the way I got $82 worth of those poppers that shoot out paper and make loud noises, and the ones that you throw down on the ground and they explode. I also got some sparcley grape juice, you know that fake wine stuff. After those people left, I posted this. Now, santa will be comin’ to town, so better get in bed.

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how my day went, another day at home alone

Today, I spent the morning and early afternoon just playing on the computer and hanging with Libby, what I normally do when no one is home. When my dad got home however, me and him went to a family thing that was very unexpected and last minute, while Libby went to some orchestra, the Transiberian orchestra to be exact. After me and dad left, we went to the store and bot some things for him to cook Christmas dessert and dinner. When we got home, I posted this entry. That is all I did today.

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Update id=#2
update issued at: 7:30 A.M cdt Sunday, December 23, 2012
update regarding the white Christmas event.

Here is my update number 2 on the white Christmas situation.

Does anybody want severe thunderstorms for Christmas?
Well, too bad–we are getting them :(.

Now, what kind of winter weather is that?

Well, after we get bombarded, there will be a rain that will start early in the morning. This rain will gradually change over to snow as the day wears on. As it looks now, the people here in north Texas will receive only 1 or less inches, while totals are likely to be greater the further north you travel. Got plans for traveling to the red river? Well, you are in for a wintery surprise! So, in that case, I will now wrap up this update. Just to sumarise this up, we are going to get huge thunderstorms, followed by snow and wintery weather. It is just like changing from spring to winter all in a matter of hours.

I will keep you posted, and tell you every time the forecast changes.

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update #1

Update id=#1

update time issued=8:30 P.M cdt
update reguarding the white christmas snow event

Here is an update to the “white Christmas” situation. Well, as it looks now, the rain changing over to snow is still expected. Chances still look the same, but there might be a better chance for flurries after midnight Tuesday night. 1 inch or less of accumulation is still likely, however, this is not all the case. Some places could get a tad more than that.

I will keep you posted on the situation developing, probably 2 times a day. By the time this ends, expect to have 7 updates. This situation looks like a hopeful one!

There is another one developing for January 8, 9, and 10 of next year. Please let it snow that day so I don’t have school!

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how my day went

Well, today was another day where me and Libby were at home alone. So, I spent the day listening to my book, bathing, playing on the computer, eating breakfast and lunch and a snack, and even cleaning. When my dad got home, I continued doing what I was doing previously, and ate dinner shortly after he went to bed. After dinner, I just played on the computer, ate a snack, then got back on the computer before posting this entry. That is all I did today.

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most likely getting snow soon!

Hello, North texas could be getting snow. Don’t just ignore this post, because the event is 3 days away and every day the chance gets better. Here is my first update, issued on December 22, 2012 at 6:50 p.m.

Well, as it looks now, there will be a rain starting on Christmas eve night. This will continue through the morning, but will gradually turn into snow as the day goes on. At this point, the snow is expected to quit by midnight Tuesday night, with just a few flurries afterwards. Blowing snow is also possible Tuesday night.
As it looks now, 1 or less inches will fall and accumulate, mainly on overpasses and bridges however. The next day’s highs are expected to be in the mid 30’s.

I will keep you posted with updates on this topic.

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the end of the world (sike)

If this posts, we are safe. If this doesn’t post, then you know we are in immediate danger. Assuming that this posted, I just wanted to tell you that we are safe! The doomsday didn’t happen! Hurray!!! Well, we can live on as usual, and I hope you have a mary Christmas, and happy new year.