It’s my birthday!

Hey you guys,
severestormsteve again.

I can’t believe that it’s already that day again–my birthday. This year has been quite a long one, however I can’t believe it’s already over.
There is one flaw about birthdays–they come and go so fast! Well, at least I can be glad that mine is still here today, you think?
So, my party turned out to be a blast this Saturday. We had one of my friends from Goalball practice come home and get ready for the party with us, and me, my dad, and that friend went to pick another one of my friends from his house on the way over there. My goalball friend is named Devon, and the friend we picked up is named Joseph. Both of them are quite small, in sharp contrast to my five foot four inch 128 pound frame.

Anyway, my mom went in a seperate vehicle, bringing Libby along with her. On top of that, my 2 cousins Thomas and Colbie, my nanna, and my other nanna and papa, and someone else from the goalball team named Criston.
At the party, we started off with bowling. Birthday luck or just great skill, I creamed the people at my party in the first game, however tied with someone (I can’t remember) with 122 points. After having a blast bowling, it was time for gocarts. Joseph was so crazy, they had to stop his car early. My dad made me dizzy with his crazy yet fun driving habbits.
That unfortunately lasted a short time, however was real fun. After those gocarts, it was time to play in the archade. I played the wheel of fortune spinner, and only made 40 tickets when I could of won 1000. It was still worth it though. Finally, it was the time to turn in tickets. With my 214 tickets, I baught a bouncey ball along with one of those caps where you turn it inside out, set it down, and it pops into the air as it goes right side out. It is a huge one too, so will probably pop real high. I haven’t tried it by the way.
After going to that blast of a birthday party, we left about 45 minutes after the actual party ended. So, it ended up being a 3 hour party instead of 2 and a half. Well, after dropping my friends off Libby had Criston come over, and we watched pitch purfect. By the way, I got an Iphone 4 (see bottom of the post for complete list of presents), so I played with that while watching the movie.

Now, moving to yesterday. Did all of you people have a good Steve Eve? I hope so. But, I hope you have an even better Steve Day. By the way, that is today in case you forgot.
On steve eve, I was given my sertificate for the National Junior Honor Society, or NJHS for short. I guess that makes it official that I am now part of that organisation!
Last night, I was awake until about 10:15 playing my games, before falling asleep quicker than I thought I would. I did however wake up at 6:00 this morning to my mom getting ready for work, and spent the next hour playing my game and dosing off.
So far today has been good. I had an awesome breakfast, and got confetti poppers and rocket balloons. My vision teacher also brought me some donuts and sossage rolls for a treet at school this morning at school. I also had a filling lunch, and the whole 7th period class sung happy birthday to me at 3:01, the time I was born.
After school, I hung out with my sister, because there wasn’t much else to do. I also played with my phone, and relaxed. On her way home from work, my mom brought me a java chiller, which I drank greatfully before spending the rest of the night relaxing and not doing much of anything.

Well, what a day, and what a weekend. It seems that the last 4 days have been my birthday. Well, it’s sad to say that the excitement is winding down, however we only have 2 more days of school. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day, and have a good tomorrow.

type you later,

—have you ever heard a frightening message like this before?

Please watch this vid I found browsing around on youtube:

Now, tell me. What do you think this teenager was thinking? I’m sure that if I were him I would be freeking out. Have you ever heard a message like this on a weather radio or otherwise any other commercial outlets?

YEY SATURDAY!!! (not).

Hello all,
severe storm steve again.

Most people are excited about it being Saturday are they not? Most people that is, except me. There are probably 6,999,999,999 people on the plannet who are going, “Woo-hoo! Saturday at last!” There is a valad reason for me not being excited however–the end is near.
I’m not some end-of-world big talker, thus that sourt of catastrophe isn’t what the end will bring. The “end” is another name for the last day of a break, the day when you know that in 24 hours you will be walking into the dreaded school. In my case, the end is tomorrow. The end to a quite awesome spring break that seemed to slip through my fingers one quick moving day at a time. It seems just yesterday I was walking through my front door and hanging my backpack up, knowing I wouldn’t have to bear its weight for the next 9 days. Now, after just a blink of an eye, it is doomsday eve.
Don’t get me wrong, Sunday during the daytime hours won’t be doomsday, because it is still spring break. The actual doom will come at 10:00 that night, the time spring break is up for me and when I have to go to bed.
On a posative note, let’s do a little recap of events that happened over the break.

Last weekend was one of relaxation. Nothing really happened, since goalball was canseled for spring break. Monday, I had to get a phizical for a summer camp I will be attending, the same one I attended last year. Please click here to see how that camp went. It’s called Lions camp, and is actually quite a blast. This time, I will be going on July 7th, not the first.
After that doctors appointment, I was trapped in the house for the next 2 days with my sister (what fun).
Thursday and Friday were the only 2 days the 4 of us got to spend together as a family. We didn’t do much Thursday, besides cooking hamburgers and playing wii family game night.
Friday was the day I got some really good exercise in. After a 45 minute bikeride in the morning, our family went to white rock, where me and my sister threw a ball back and forth and walked around with my parents and our 2 boxers, Cassie and Newton.
After the afternoon at white rock, I came home and crashed as a result of a headache followed by extreme exhaustion. When I finally awoke 2 hours later, I ended up spending the night with my family again.

Today has been another day I was trapped with my sister. About what I said earlier, just kidding. It really isn’t that bad. I’ve been watching weather videos on youtube all day, along with eating lunch, drinking coffee (lots of coffee), and a whole bunch of nothing.

P.S. Yesterday at whiterock, me and my sister fed the ducks. They grabbed the flippin’ bread out of our hands, on one occasion a fat burd bighting my finger during an attempt to get some bread that was stuck around it. Here is a picture of the ducks getting the bread:

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

end of week update

Hey you guys,
Severe Storm Steve again.

There are several things I want to tell you:

  • weather
  • good news
  • how my week went

So, let’s start with the good news.
In my tech class, my grades have been getting better as the year has been going. My main goal however, was to reach 100% on my tech site presentation. Finally, I actually achieved that goal today, after my presentation. I thought I was going to make an 80, but I actually made a 100!

Now, let me tell you about my week.
Overall, it was a pretty good week. It lasted a very long time, however I am glad to tell you that there are a little bit less than 3 hours before the start of spring break. Since I ride the bus, it will start at 3:45 for me, and it is 11:50 right now. I can’t wait for the break!

Weatherwise, there is going to be some storms tomorrow night. There is an 80% chance of the rain!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Though this was brief, don’t worry I will post again soon. For now, enjoy what you’ve got.

Thanks for reading,


Hey you guys,

Steve here.

I had quite a good weekend. My goalball coach said I did really good. Also, I finally got that game put up, so I hope that you will enjoy it.

On the other hand, I wasn’t ready to face the challenge of school today. You know, weekends just fly by way too fast. It is like you are going home from school on Friday, only to blink your eyes and be back again. One thing to look forward to however is the prospect of being on spring break next week. That is the only sperit lifter I can think of at the moment, it being Monday and all.

On the weather forecast however, there is going to be a very warm today. It is supposed to reach 85 digrees, something I haven’t experienced in so long, I don’t even know the date that last happened. To top that off, it will be 57 tomorrow afternoon. It is warmer than that right now at about 9:30 in the morning!
Also, last Monday there was freezing cold windy weather, with highs in the upper 40’s. Think back to 168 hours ago, how cold it was. Amarillo was being pounded with heavy snow, and we were getting a couple flurries. Take that back, perhaps it was about 162 hours ago, since the cold came in the afternoon. Now, we are in the 80’s, how is that?

back to my life, I am addicted to two new games. I will give you the links to download them at the app store at the bottom of this post. One is called accessible minesweeper, sited people can play too, and the other is called tap the mole. Tap the mole is also accessible for blind people, yet again sited players can play this one as well.
Since I couldn’t go out and do much yesterday, I was able to buy and play these games. I’m thinking about going over to apple vis, a website for aps and stuff for blind people using mac computers and IOS devices, and searching for more games.

To wrap up this post, I think today will be a good day, and that the coming week will be pretty good as well. Also, just in case you didn’t know, I have alergies again, however I don’t think that will stop me from having a good week.
I hope you had a good weekend, and have a good week as well.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,

P.S. links to the games in the app store.

tap the mole
accessible minesweeper

Have a nice day!

stranded part 1 release is live!

Hello guys,

The game we’ve all been waiting for is here!

Hey, Severe Storm Steve here. I am glad to announce that stranded part 1 is here, and ready for you to download. Please however, fill out the form at the bottom of the post to tell me what rating you give it. 1 being best and 10 being worstd.

Click below to download the game. Extract the zip archive, and read the documentation folder, or just open the 1111.html document, or alternitively open the start game.rtf file if you want to play an rtf copy of the gamebook. Happy adventuring!
download it now
Please visit the gamebooks page to learn more about this awesome game.

it’s Friday!

Hey Guys,
Steve Here.

It’s finally Friday!
Or should I say,
“It’s already Friday?”

It’s Friday! The pressure releaf is on!
No omore stress, the weekend, no more homework, and THE WEEKEND!!!
Well, I’ve had a pretty good school week. I had a lot of math textbook homework, not a lot of questions, just a lot of books. I also had tech homework, but I’ve finished that as well. I feel like the world has just been lifted off my shoulders and that I am free. The weekend is coming up, which means it is almost time for goalball! I can’t wait for goalball!

Also, did you know it is the start of March? March means:
1. spring is coming
2. easter is coming
3. my birthday is coming.

Also, I’ve came up with a new name for March. It is:
Steven D awareness Month.
This has officially started.

Otherwise, let me tell you about my week sence there was only 1 post this week.
Well, to tell you the truth, nothing much has happened. I’m still doing good, my family is doing good, and so is my cat.

Wanting to hear about my game?

That is going good as well. I didn’t work on it yesterday, but I promice it will be finished by Sunday night. That is 2 days, so I should finish it by then. When I do it will be put up.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great eppic awesome weekend!!!!!