A pretty awesome 3-day weekend

Hey guys,
Steve here.
Few, this weekend went by incredibly fast. We had something planned every day, so there wasn’t much chill time, and what little chill time I had, I spent talking to friends, reading, or sleeping, though I did squeeze in a bit of gaming here and there.
To start off, we went to Friday night fellowship last Friday night, as I said we’d be doing in Wednesday’s post. In case you didn’t know, Friday night fellowship is where everyone goes up to the church to play games, eat, and socialize.
Being that we were having a lot of fun, we didn’t end up leaving the church until about 11:00, thus I ended up crashing when we got home.
On Saturday, we had goal ball as usual, then we had to baby sit for some of our church friends because they were attending a graduation. They have 4 kids, the youngest being 2, and the oldest being 12. Thankfully, the 12 year old is a boy, so I hung out with him the whole time.
On Sunday, besides going to church twice as usual, I relaxed during the afternoon, and after evening church my family and I ate dinner with 2 friends of ours from church, though not the same ones who’s kids we baby sat on Saturday. Once again, this ended late, so we didn’t get home until around 11.
As for today, we had that family get together I talked about in Wednesday’s post. Also, I downloaded the game River Raiders, which you’ve probably heard me talk about on this site before. In fact, I’ve recorded my scores on the game scores page, and done several demonstrations on the audio game reviews and demonstrations page.
Well, after downloading it again, I got addicted to it. And around 8:35 or so, I started a game that lasted me 20 minutes, (the time you start out with is 5 minutes but the copious amount of bonuses and superbonuses I got added on time), and the end result, a score of 1,822 points. That’s by far the highest score I’ve ever earned in that game!
As for how I did it, the ghosts kept cursing me (I talked about this in the review I did on the audio game reviews and demonstrations page but when ghosts curse you it calls all the monsters in the river to your location), and I was able to escape the mob of monsters. In fact, the cursing better gave me an idea of where the monsters were, since it put them all in one place.
Also, I kept getting monster super paralyzer bonuses, so I was able to freely move about the river for short periods of time. So all of those, combined with my awesome skills, made for a wonderful, record breaking game.
Well, I guess that about wraps up this post. I hope you all enjoyed reading it!
Thanks for reading,
type you later,

Great news and a busy week

Hey guys,
Steve here.
As the post title implies, I’ve got some good news to tell you guys about. It might not affect you as much as it does me… but I figured I’d share it with you, this being my blog.
Remember that Spanish exam I talked about in last Thursday’s update? Well I figured two good things about it:
1. Turns out, that won’t determine whether or not I fail or pass Spanish 1. It’s the semester averages combined, not the semester exam scores as I previously thought. And judging by the fact that my grade in that class has been passing all year long, that answers the question of whether or not I’m done with Spanish 1.
2. The test has been moved back a week. So even if there were a good reason for me to be panicking, I could give my nerves a rest for about another week.
Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how relieved I was to learn that. I’m not terrible in Spanish, though I’m not the best either.
Moving on, also mentioned in the title, I’m having a rather busy week this week. There’s been church, concerts, and will be more church, and even… I think a family get together on Sunday.
To start off, we went to church twice last Sunday, as we normally do. On Monday, my sister had an orchestra concert, followed by my choir concert on Tuesday. Tonight, we’re going to church, and Friday night fellowship will be this Friday at our church. And finally, on Sunday, I believe we’re having a family get together.
Monday will be memorial day, and there’s nothing planned that day. I think I might spend Monday programming, because I haven’t done much of that in a while. Come to think of it, besides playing games and doing a late podcast, I really haven’t done anything productive in the world of technology in quite some time.
Moving on, but still kind of on my previous topic, there are only 11 days of school left, one of which will be Tiger Bash, a day of fun and absolutely no school work. And, the last days of school will be early release days. I guess after that, until June 23 when I go to church camp, I’ll have plenty of time to program, Skype, blog, and podcast; so if I’m not blogging a lot now, just remember that I will when school lets out, because I’ll have plenty of free time.
Well, I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I promis to blog more often.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,
P.S. Episode 23 of the Steven D podcast hasn’t been forgotten. I’ll get with danny and we’ll record it together.

Getting back into it… hopefully

Hey guys,
Steve here.
As you might already know, this blog hasn’t been updated much over the past 20 days. The reason for this isn’t that I’m losing intrest in blogging, but that there hasn’t been much worth blogging about over the past several days. As of yet, nothing extremely interesting has happened, however I felt the need to end the extreme blog post deprivation I was putting you guys through.
One year prior to today, a tornado outbreak broke out across north Texas. Though more states might have been involved, I performed little if any research on the outbreak. But as far as I know, there were 18 tornadoes (judging by the last post I posted about it last year), leaving 6 people dead. And I recall, that on that day, there was a low tornado threat. Makes me think that though meteorology has greatly improved over the past centry, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Because after all, I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed that there would be 18 tornadoes; and come to think of it, the next week when there was a huge outbreak predicted, the storms were hardly even severe.
Changing topics, I finally got the 22nd podcast done, though some of you might already know that, judging by the fact that it’s already been downloaded. As for how many times, I unfortunately can’t check that, but I know that it’s in the top clicks widget. This podcast episode was a bit different; instead of having several segments, I featured a game review. This might occur sometimes, since it seems more sinsible to do game reviews in podcasts, since not only is it hard to muster up the motivation to do a game review at random, but a podcast seems the most likely place for people to look for one.
While still on the topic of game reviews, Danny wants to do a let’s play of Dead Space, and would like for me to join in. If this occurs, I will blog about it and put it on the audio game reviews and demonstrations page.
Moving on, I have some pretty big school related things coming up. First of all, my choir concert, the last one of the year, will be on Tuesday, May 20. Also, there will be an orchestra concert, also the final one, on May 29.
But there’s one more daunting task looming ahead, one which I know I’ll have to prey really hard about. It’s the Spanish 1 final exam, which is going to take place next Thursday. And if I don’t pass it, that will be one whole year of assignment after assignment, and memorizing vocabulary and grammar of another language, wasted. Because should my grade fall short of 70, I will have failed the class and will have to take it again next year.
While still on the subject of school, there are only 15 days left, two of which are half days. It’s hard to believe that I only have 15 days left in middle school–exciting, oh so exciting, but very hard to believe. But of course, there will still be more checkpoints and test in the last couple weeks of school. Though unlike the Spanish exam, these tests don’t really worry me; they’re just more obstacles on the path to freedom, from middle school that is.
Well, I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post. I hope to get back into a regular blogging routine.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,

I'm back at last

Hey guys,
Steve here.
11 whole days? Has it really been that long? Wow, I can’t believe I made you readers spend a week and a half without reading my awesome blog posts!
As is with posts such as this, I have quite a bit to tell you, because though it is possible to take a break from blogging, I can’t say the same for life.
The weekend after my last post, my family and I went down to Round Rock for a goal ball tournament type of thing. After getting up at 5:17 AM to be exact, I got dressed, had a bight to eat, then we drove up in a rented van with Julie, one of our goal ball players.
When we got there that morning, we did a few small events just to pass the time before lunch, and the tournament, or more accurately “series of games,” took place after lunch, lasting until about 4:30.
I call it a series of games rather than a tournament because there was no formality what soever. Throughout the so called tournament, we, along with a couple other teams from the Texas school for the blind and Round Rock itself, played against each other, without keeping track of who was winning. There were no awards at the end, no team got “first place,” it was just a series of games, albeit a fun one.
Since roundrock is so far away, and we had to drop Julie off, we didn’t get home until about 10, at which point I was pretty tired.
Sunday was a normal day. I recall mentioning that there was the possibility of Tornados on Sunday, however we were once again spaired. However, people in places such as Arkansas, Iowa, Alabama, and a few other states that I can’t think of at the moment weren’t so lucky. The tornadoes that swept through the nation’s mid section Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday left 35 people ddead. In fact, in a city called Tupelo, a meteorologist had to take cover during a live broadcast.
changing topics, also around the time those tornadoes were sweeping across areas to the north of us, revival was going on at my church. Though I don’t know why it was considered a revival to this day, one thing I can say is that the singers and preacher we had were awesome. For some reason, we had a different preacher preach during revival, and different singers leading us in worship.
And now that it’s over, I miss those people. I hope they come back to our church soon.
Switching back to the topic of my life, besides the revival, not much happened during the school week. But on Friday night, Dars (That stands for something, however I don’t know what it is) had an over night stay at the fortworth zoo planned. My sister and I went, and it turned out to be pretty awesome. This was the 3rd time I’ve been on this particular trip, but it was by far the most fun. It was much the same as last time–get there, eat dinner, go on a tour, do an arts and crafts activity, go to bed, wake up the next morning and have breakfast followed by an animal presentation, take another walk around the zoo, eat lunch, go to the gift shop, and then leave… but this time I had some cool people to hang out.
Well, I guess that brings us to here and now. I’d tell you about Sunday, however it was like any normal Sunday; church in the morning and evening, cleaning, and talking to friends. And today at school… well that was boring as usual. On the bright side, we only have 23 more school days to go! And then, it’ll be summer, then I’ll be in high school.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,
Ps. As for the podcast, I couldn’t do that on Friday because I was in a hurry. I’ll do it tomorrow though.