Meet Steven

Hello all,
I am Steven D, or Severe Storm Steve, the owner of this website. Well, you want to know who I am… well I’m assuming that because you are visiting this page of my website.

so who is this person?

I am a fourteen year old. I am blind, yet I still believe I can do anything I set my non-seeing eyes on. I am a creative person, and I like to try new things (if it’s not vegetables) :))). I like to add humor to my life as much as possible; you will see proof of that when reading my blog.
At school, I try to make good grades, and usually end up doing it. At home, I do my chores (even if I am suffering from a case of “I Don’t Feel Like It Idis.” :)). I can’t say that I’m an over achiever like my sister, who wants to graduate on the distinguished program; I just want to graduate, go to college, and be a success in life; nothing less, but maybe in the future I might think about setting more complicated goals for myself.

so what is up with the name Severe Storm Steve?

Every since I was 5, I’ve been really interested in weather. It started off with a childish obsession, but slowly grew into something more. In second grade, my librarian decided that I should do the weather for morning announcements.
We didn’t think it appropriate to just call me “Steven;” we thought something more catchy would have to do. So after a bit of consideration, we came upon the name severe storm steve. I stuck with that name for the three streight years I did the weather at my elementarry school; warning of the bad and smiling about the good weather.
Throughout my career, I predicted all types of weather. Tornadoes, snow storms (that had to make my friends happy), rain, sun, cold… you name it. Unfortunately, I had to drop my status as a meteorologist in sixth grade, because my school wouldn’t allow it to continue. Now, I still use the name Severe Storm Steve, to serve as a reminder of my early years of being a meteorologist. I hope to continue some time in the future.

interests and hobbies

My four main hobbies are all over this site. They include blogging, programming (although I’m still learning), recording, and creating things. I am interested in computers, technoligy, and um… basically anything that has a motor in it.

what is it like for you to have to be blind?

The main reason I’m adding this is because people ask lots of questions about being blind. “what is it like?” “How do you pick out your clothes?” “What does your cane do?” etc etc.
For me, being blind is the norm. I have been blind since the second I was born, thus it is the only thing I know. I have adapted to my environment in different ways than sited people, but have managed to make things work. As for picking out my clothes, my parents and I have organized most of my clothes into places that I can find them easier and that it would be less likely for me to pick out clothes that don’t match. Of course I do that sometimes, but my parents usually tell me if this is the case. Alternitively, there are color detecting apps for the blind that I can download for my phone, and there are also pieces of technoligy that will identify colors.
As for my cane, that is a long stick that I stick out in front of me, and swing it from left to right, about the length from my left to right shoulder. If there is a whole, curb, pole, wall, or other potentially dangerous object in front of me, my cane will hit it first, thus preventing me from having to crash into it myself.

how do I use a computer and an I Phone?

Both my computer and I Phone have technology that make it usable for blind indivisuals. In case you didn’t know this, I Phones come with a built in feature called “voice over,” which talks and motifies the I phone gestures that I have to use. For example, to move from item to item, I have to flick my finger left and right. To click something, I have to put my finger on it so that voice over says what the item is, then I have to double tap on it, or tap twice quickly. My computer talks to me, and reads everything on the screen, so that’s how I use it.

how do you type?

Ironically, I am a really fast typest. How did I learn to type?
As you know on your computer’s keyboard, you have the a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, and ; keys laid out from left to right. Well as I’ve always known, I put my left pinky on the a, my left ring finger on the s, my left middle finger on d, and my left pointer finger on f. Also, I put my right pointer finger on j, my right middle finger on k, my right ring finger on l, and my right pinky on ;. When I want to type a different letter than the ones I just told you, I have to move my fingers either forward or backward (for t, I have to move my left pointer up, for g I have to move it right, v I have to move it down etc etc).

final notes

I guess that’s all there is to tell. I hope you’ve learned what you want to know. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of this site!


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  1. hey steven i remember this long but cool liost from when it took u only 1 minn. and 4 seconds to tell me and yes me and mrs derickson were timing you and i also thank you for taking your time out of your day to write this blog

  2. hey Steven, it’s Alondra! I finally remembered to view your blog and it’s so good! Keep up the good work, i surely know that i could never make a website this awesome. haha well i’ll be ready for that quiz tomorrow. Stay fabulous Steven lol

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