My audio reviews and demonstrations

Welcome to the audio game reviews and demos page. Here, you can download all of my audio game reviews, demos, and play throughs.
25 crate mission with 4 people

I ended up finding quite a few of the crates in this fun filled mission. I found 13 crates, and my team mates found 14 crates, thus we ended up dropping off 27 crates… lol!
my official swamp review, for version 3.1

A playthrough of sniping mania, my campaign for swamp

swamp campaign maker demonstration

me playing super deekout, with cheats
or here’s the player:

In this recording, I play a few levels with super deekout and use cheats.
super deekout review
or, use the embedded player:

In this recording, I do a narrated review of super deekout, a game from
Here is also the read me file if I didn’t go enough in detail:
read this read me for more details
deekout review
also, here’s the player:

In this recording, I give a game review of deekout, a game found on blind software dot com. This is a short pointless but fun game where you avoid the robot and collect points based on the time you can stay away. More on point collecting will be heard on this recording.
river raiders narrated walkthrough
Also here’s the online player if you can use it:

In this recording, I do a complete review of how the river raders game works, plus a demonstration. Note that all my narrated speech comes out of the left speaker (for stereo speaker or headphone users), but if you are willing to put up with that you should be fine.

a really good river raiders game caught on tape!
or here’s the online player:

On this recording, you get proof of my awesome scores on the game scores page of this sight for river raiders. I have recieved a score of over 700 points, and by listening to the file above, you can get proof.

below, you will find a river raiders playing session:

me playing river raiders
description of this audio game playing session:
I am in the dark depths of a misterious river called the deadly drop. Sit back and enjoy this recording as I battle my way threw this cold dark horible place and dodge monsters and collect coins.

palliss punch up!
I get very angry sometimes. Wouldn’t you consider throwing rocks at someone’s castle to destroy it quite angry volatile behavior? I wood, but that is exactly what I am doing in this fun action game. Can I make it threw with just minor damage? or will I just collapse and succumb to my opponent’s victory?
the great toy robbery
I am noddy mcNodderson, the poor kid who never gets presents from Santa. This apparently angers me enough to break into the shop and steel all of Santa’s Elves’ creations, all the time dodging the laughing hopping elves and finally santa himself when I get up to 40 toys. Can I collect all the toys and avoid being stomped by santa, or shall I suffer a fate of doom and sorrow?