1000 days? Already?

Hey guys,
Steve here.

What do you know? It’s already been 1000 days! 1000 days of life updates,podcasts, game reviews; 1000 days with me, Steven D!
For me, it has been a very exciting and fun 1000 days. I enjoyed writing each and every post, and even more so I enjoyed the fact that you loyal readers stuck with my blog through the times of stress, excitement, anger, happiness, fun, humor, and yes, even sometimes my lack of motivation to blog–even when I went weeks without a post, you guys patiently waited for the next post, and didn’t give up on this blog… and for that I thank you! Because although it was me who wrote all the posts, me who spent my time thinking and typing, and me who took the time to set up everything for you guys, what matters is that you took the time out of your day to check my site out, and show your appreciation for the site, despite some of my posts not being too good (the how my day wents), and yes, I admit it it, my spelling isn’t too good. Thank you for looking passed all that and enjoying and getting the true meaning of this blog!
Moving on, since my annual report was 2 weeks ago, I won’t give a 1000 day report, as I think that even though I gained more followers and views, I think that another report would be a bit redundant. So instead, I’ll brief you in on my current life happenings, because then I want to pull out my favorite zombie book (wait, I have a lot of those), and take a warm bath, and finally go to bed, because I had to wake up at 5:45 this morning and will have to do it again tomorrow.
Ever since Thursday, life has been relatively normal. As I said on Thursday’s post, however, I had to start waking up at the ungodly time of 5:45 to ride the bus to school. I mean that bus picks me up when it’s still dark outside! not okay!
On other news, goalball started up again on Saturday. I still need to work on ridding myself of the fear of the ball (every time the other team throws it at me, I bunch up because I don’t want to get nailed, because that would probably make for a bad day. I’m sure, however, that with a little more practice I should be fine.
Aside from goalball, we didn’t go to church on Sunday, because my dad had to do something (I think it had to do with laying tile in the laundry room and getting a certain amount done before he had to go out of town the next day). So, instead of going to church, my sister and I watched frozen, a Disney movie that is actually pretty good.
As for Monday through today, those were normal school days. I’m sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but if we have to do sight reading in choir class another day from now until February, I am going to screem and pull my hair out! I like the teacher, and the class is fun, but sight reading is so boring that I don’t know how to put it in words… mainly because I’m a blind person and sight reading requires sight.
Aside from that, I started a new, you guessed it, zombie book. I’ve already read the enemy, the dead, and the fear, all written by Charlie Higson, Plague town and Plague Nation, written by Dana Fredsty, Day by day Armageddon, day by day Armageddon: beyond exile, and day by day Armageddon: shattered hour glass by J.L. Bourne, and am now reading Rot and Ruin, Benny Imura #1 by Jonathan Maberry… so as you see I’ve been reading a lot of zombie books; they are action packed and interesting, though can sometimes be a bit disturbing.
On a final note, I get to miss second period tomorrow. My science class is going to the planetarium during that class, so no math class for me. I will still have to go to choir… so if I’m balled and don’t have a voice, you know why (jk).

I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post. I hope you have enjoyed it, and look forward to my next 1000 days of posting, as well as posts further in the future.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

getting back into it

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Few, that break went by fast… and here we are already half way done with the first school week of 2014… hard to believe, huh? I am going to get back into the swing of things (both in blogging, and school), seeing as how I haven’t produced a life update post in over a week now.
to tell you the truth, Newyears day was pretty much the only day I did anything in the last 4 or 5 days of Christmas break. On Wednesday (new years day), my mom, sister, and I went and saw MRs. Dawn again, and since she lives about 2 hours away, it took up our whole day. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were uneventful, however we all went to church on Sunday. As for Monday, that was the last chance I got to chill before… you guessed it… school. You know how I’ve been talking about playing swamp over the break? Well I didn’t realise this, but I spent in total 76 hours on swamp between Christmas day and January 6th. Yes, I actually spent the equivalent to 3 days and 3 nights streight on swamp, thuse only 14 of my 17 days weren’t spent on the game… talk about adicting games!
Back to my life, Tuesday was of course the start of school, and that is pretty much all I did Tuesday and yesterday, mainly because I was very tired after school and so I didn’t feel like doing anything else.
Also while on the subject of school, I can forget sleeping in until 7 on school mornings. My mom and dad switched schedules and job positions, so now I will have to start riding the bus to school in the morning. What does this mean for my sleep schedule? It means that from now on, I will have to get up at 5:45 on every school morning except Monday! On a posative note, mom and dad will be home every night (except I think Dad goes out of town on Monday nights so all except that night), and both will always be home on the weekends, so we get more family time.
On other news, unbelievably, something that would not normally be a good idea actually turned out to possibly save me a whole bunch of work. You know Stranded? well one day I decided that I wanted to take it to school with me and work on it when there was no work left for me to do in class, and so I put it on a flash drive. I believe that Stranded is still on that flash drive… but there is still the possibility that I deleted it. If I did, I will have to restart on the project… but if I don’t, I am looking at February 1 as a possible release date.
On the podcasting side of things, I didn’t do the podcast on Saturday because I was too lazy to create a campaign for swamping with Steve part ii. Fortunately, I created that campaign, and will be doing the podcast within the next couple days… after I come up with an intresting segment and tech tip to put in… and even that I’m starting to come up with ideas for.
On a final note, since school has started and there will be more going on, expect more frequent blog updates. I don’t update often during breaks, since I often take advantage of that time to relax and do absolutely nothing.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

P.S. It’s day 994 of the blog folks! We only have 6 days until the 1000th day! If you want to count down, see the “1000th day” widget on the sidebar.

A great Christmas!

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Before we get started, I have an important thing to tell you followers of this blog. For some reason, “how my day went” posts from last year have been appearing on my blog this year. When I did the daily entries, I sometimes forgot to do them that day, and typed them up the next day and changed the publish time to the day it was origionally supposed to publish on. For example:

I forgot to post the journal entry on December 26, 2012. So on December 27, I wrote it up, went to the “date published” section of my new posts page, and told it to say that it had been published on December 26, 2012 so that people who were new visitors of my blog would think I never forgot to post the how my day went entries. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that I selected 2013 on the publish year, instead of 2012, thus you have been getting random posts in your in box. I will do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore, so you can continue to enjoy my normal content without any annoying interruptions.

With that taken care of, let me tell you about my rather intresting last 7 days or so. On Wednesday, I posted that life update, as I’m sure you have found out by now. I won’t talk about that day, since I’m sure I did in that post.
Thursday was not really exciting. It was an early release day at my school, but I didn’t have my computer, so I had a hard time finding stuff to do… but I survived :).
Friday was exciting. First of all, it marked the start of winter break! Also on Friday, my church youth group had a camp out. As for the camp out, I told the church people, and my sister that it was going to rain, but they did it anyway (it was fun, and I wanted it to happen, but I was giving them a heads up). Turns out, I was right. We were awakened in the middle of the night to pounding rain, and intense lightning. We ended up having to get up at 4 in the morning, in the freezing cold rain, and walk back to the church.

On Saturday, me, Libby, and dad attended a christmas party that my that my dad’s step mother’s side of the family set up. It ended up being pretty fun… but I did learn one thing:
Don’t eat two two inch blocks of solid fudge. You’ll feel sick!

Sunday and Monday weren’t too exciting. Those days were filled with ever growing excitement for the coming holiday, and on Sunday our Christmas church service.

On Tuesday, my dad’s dad’s side of the family had a party. Man, I’m not sure who made dinner, but that person can cook some roast beef! After enjoying that roast beef, we opened presents and generally had a good time.

After the Christmas party, me, my sister, my mom, and my dad had our Christmas celebration. We opened our presents Christmas eve night, because my mom was going to work the next day and if we had waited we would’ve had to get up at 4 in the morning, something I wouldn’t have minded, but mom and dad would’ve.

Christmas was pretty uneventful. Since my dad’s side of the family had their celebrations, and my mom’s will have theirs in January (my great grandma and great uncle will be coming down), we just went to Apple Bee’s.

As for today, it has gone well. I haven’t done much of anything, besides messing with the stuff I got for Christmas.

Now that we have the life update out of the way, let me tell you what I got for Christmas.
1. an olympus me51s high quality stereo microphone. My Spanish teacher called me James Bond for making my IPhone a wireless microphone for my computer–just wait until he finds out about this 1 inch wide, 1 half inch thick microphone that can pick up noise from a long distance away.
2. Digital air drumb sticks. My parents didn’t want me to have a big old drumb set, because it would make lots of tremendously loud noise, so they got me these drumb sticks that make sound. I haven’t explored them yet, however I will after writing this post.
3. a new laptop. Since my other one broke, I got a new one. Want to know some intresting facts?
fact 1. I can do the podcast using the internal microphone on this one, because it is high quality and will not pick up too much computer noise.
fact 2. The first program I downloaded was swamp, my favorite zombie first person shooter game.
back to my list:
4. a miniature bowling set. It is about the size of a laptop computer, and is actually quite fun. You pull on a little button (It feels like a button, but you pull instead of push) to set up the pins, and it comes with a small ramp to roll the ball off of.
5. Head phones. I got two pares of them, and I still have a working pare. Looks like I won’t have to buy any in the near future.
6. sweat pants. I got 2 or 3 pares, so I could say that I won’t need to buy any more of those either.
7. a remote control car. It is really cool, and is fast, and can pop wheelies.
8. a robot called the doom raiser. It walks around, and shoots phome discs at people… pretty much raising doom.
9. gift cards, and money. You can never go wrong with that.
10. t-shirts. I already have a lot, but some more comfortable clothes can’t hurt.
11. a talking coin counter. It looks like a jar, but the lid has a slot for dropping coines, and buttons for checking how much money is in the jar, and adding or subtracting to the ammount. When you slip a coin into the jar, it tells you something like “10 cents” or “1 cent,” and then gives you the total amount.

I don’t believe I left anything out… but if I did I will put it in on another post.

I guess that about wraps up today’s post, because that’s about all I have to day. Otherwise, I hope you and your family had a merry Christmas, and enjoy your new year. I look forward to another great year of posting–and be sure to expect an annual stats report on December 31.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

An overdo update… well sort of

Hey guys,
Steve here.

When writing a blog post, I often find myself looking through it and trying to polish my writing. It seems as though I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, even if I don’t pay much attention to spelling. That is probably the main, and only reason I haven’t blogged recently–the limit on time would rush me in the post writing process, and it would come out to me as being crappy.
I did quite a lot the past week; there were lots of things on my mind, lots of things I had to get done. I don’t know whether I had a stressful or exciting week; both of those emotions played a big role in my past few days. I guess that I’ll unfold my week for you guys in chronological order.
That was one of the least active days of the past week. I was disappointed that my school district held classes, but none the less I was still thankful for that unexpected 3 day weekend. One thing I did that day was post my Monday’s Musings post, which I hope you liked by the way.
Tuesday was when the stress started rolling in. On Tuesday, I found out that I had several written things I had to do for my history project. A title page, a process paper, and my topic… what I was doing (type of presentation)… and who was in my group. I normally prefer to work alone on these kinds of things so as not to slow me down or cause me to receive a bad grade because of miscommunication. Well I had to get those turned in by Thursday, and not to mention the project is due Monday. Thank God I’m almost done with it.
Besides the project, there was the choir concert. I was looking forward to it, however it added something to my to-do list. And, to top that off, now that I’m almost done with the history project, the thought that I have to work on Stranded is slowly creeping its way tback to the front of my mind.
So I guess that with all that stuff going on, I just haven’t had the time nor had I the motivation to blog the past few days. Speaking of which, let me tell you about the rest of my week.
On Wednesday, I forgot the NJHS meeting. Oh well, I got the hour sheet to the teacher, and all she did was act surprised… but I wasn’t kicked out. Unexpected, but none the less good for my college resume.
On Thursday, nothing much happened. I was relaxing in the bath, listening to another episode of We’re Alive, an audio drama about the zombie Apocalypse I remember mentioning on this blog, when I heard of a book that caught my attention. It’s called the Enemy, and is written by Charlie Higson. The book is about a mysterious disease that suddenly strikes everyone over the age of 16. They develop huge pustules, blisters, and boils, soon after they go mad and turn into zombies (eating kids and the like). And finally, they die… in a way that I’d rather not mention on this blog. I think you could read it because although you get a feel for how the disease progresses (from going mad to dieing), it’s not the most gruesome book you’ll ever read. And don’t tell me you’ve never read a gruesome book in your life.
Back on topic, let me tell you about Friday:
Friday was Friday the 13th. That sort of snuck up on me, but luckily nothing bad happened. I just remember waking up yesterday going “Wait… is it Friday the 13th?”
Also, we had a church event with my youth group. There’s only about 5 or 6 people in there, and all of them are fun. We hung out, hid, ate nachos and s’mores, drank hot chocolate, and generally had a good time. It was over around 11, and I was pretty tired.
So today started unexpectedly. I was awakened by my bedroom light, and my dad telling me that I had to go with him to take my “fat cat” to the vet. He had to go because he has a flee alergy and licked his lower back raw.
Anyway, I was genuinely grumpy that I was awakened so early for that reason, but I went anyway. After the vet trip, I spent the rest of the day at home, playing swamp and the like. Tonight was the exciting part, though.
Me, my sister, and my mom got to see catching fire! I won’t give the details, in case you guys didn’t see it yet, but I will tell you it was good. Best of all there was descriptive audio (you’d put on a headphone, and listen to the lady describe what was going on in the movie. So, me and my sister got the real hunger games experience!
Well I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post, because I’m getting tired, and have said all I needed to say plus some extra :). I hope you enjoyed this post, and have a great rest of your weekend!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,