inneresting day

Today, I have to tell you some ineresting stuff! The first thing is that I learned that IĀ get to tour the weather station next Wednesday, and I am so excited!! The next thing is that there is a kid in my class that I never got along with. But, I finely earned her respect and we are now friends! Both of these things happened after my earlier post. And I was right about the weather being hot, because temps were around 90 degrees! Today I did rotate though, and I am back to normal. The next thing I have to say is that today was a close call. I had 2 assignments that I needed to turn in to M.S. Candler. You know the reading and social studies teacher, Well she said that those assignments were gonna be zeros if I didn’t turn them in, but I did so now I have no zeros. Well, that is how my day went to day.

april 22, 2011. I am in m.s. Candler’s class right now. Today has gone good so far all though it is only the morning. I can tell that today is going to be a hot one because right now at only 9:17 AM, it is like 80 degrees. Well, today is good Friday. We are at school because back in February, we had 5 snow days and today is a make-up for one of the days. So, that means we don’t have another day off until may the 30th because of that. It really stinks. But, I will be glad that it is Friday and I have the whole weekend to my self after the day ends. It feels kind of strange being at school on good Friday when I’d rather be at home in bed. Well, talk to you later, and once again think you for viewing this blog.

how my day went

Today at school was a busy one. We had the animal presentation witch talked about different animals and there adaptations. We also didn’t rotate. I am a 5th grader and we rotate 3 classes. Here is the order of our rotations. 1. reading/social studies. The teacher is M.S. Candler. 2. science/language arts. Teacher is named M.S. Quinn. 3. mathematics teacher M.S. Devers. Well, the math rotation is my home room. That is the room we stayed in all day. Before the animal presentation, we did rock climbing a tredition we have when the taks test is coming. Then, after those 2 things, we did not much of anything. I just read all day. Then at the end of the day I went home at 2:55 PM and just listened to the weather forecast. Now, I am hear blogging.