my favorite sites

The following page contains links to some pretty cool sites and software that I find quite useful, and think you might as well.


Reality software
the creators of the Death Match series, some of the most captivating, entrancing audio space games to date and Snow Race, a snowboarding game that is sure to get your blood pumping, Reality Software has definitely proved themselves worthy of inclusion to this page. You will certainly not regret checking them out.
Containing an extensive database of blind accessible games of a huge variaty of genres, and a community that is always there to help, is the place to go if you are looking for some great intertainment. It’s overall blind friendlyness, the great community of wonderful people, and the shear number of games available are just some of the reasons this website is featured on this page.
Sam Tupy Productions.
Sam Tupy Productions is the creater of Survive the Wild, an online survival game that is the first of its kind. In addition, he has also developed some very useful development tools, primarily for bgt. You should definitely check him out!

developer resources

Pure basic
Pure basic is the language I code in. Beware, though, it costs money.
Blastbay Game Toolkit (BGT)
Bgt is a scripting language that is designed for the creation of audio games. It includes an intuitive set of functions and rules, all at the disposal of the scripter. No matter the idea, BGT will take the huge hastle out of coding it.

some other sites worth checking out

the Zone BBS
This is just a little site where you can play word games, chat, and view and post on forums.
Word Press
This is a very good blogging platform.
Eloquence Speak Window
I find this to be an awesome program as it can speak with eloquence. You can put in eloquence changing tags which makes it all the more awesome.