storm recordings

Hello, welcome to the natural events page. This audio is usually storms, or other catastrophic events. Just be thankful this isn’t happening to you, as you sit back and enjoy these awesome recordings.
hail storm-October 6, 2014

This storm is epic! Containing a freak amount of hail, this gives the ice storm of Dec. 6, 2013 a good run for its money. You will definitely want to listen to this!
hail storm recording-March 28, 2014

This is a really awesome thunderstorm, recorded in stereo, containing heavy rain, lots of thunder, hail, wind, and even a little cat meow at the end! I hope you enjoy!
huge storm on March 15, 2014

Grab your headphones, and listen to this massive storm! Recorded in stereo, this thunderstorm will have you on the edge of your seet as you experience the crashing of thunder, and pelting of rain against the window, and outside. This storm was recorded in stereo, and the recorder was stuck out an open window, so you get a direct recording, and the stereo only adds to the effect of reality. Please enjoy!
live recorded sleet storm!

This is not normal what soever for north texas. This recording is a compilation of sleet recordings I got on Friday, December 6, 2013.
Storm recording on July 16, 2013

This storm contained a lot of wind, and very heavy rain. You get a close up of this fierce storm throughout this recording
Storm recorded on June 9, 2013

This storm, although not as heavy as the one from may 29 or easter, still gives you some good thunder claps.
recorded storm on May 29, 2013

This could be considered lightning fury #2. It has a lot of loud thunder!
live recorded rainstorm on Easter 2013

This has lots of wind, heavy rain, and me telling you what’s going on.
huge and massive flood with freakishly awesome thunder

This is a storm with lots of heavy rain and thunder.
tornado/thunderstorm recording

This is a big thunderstorm with a tornado at the end.
lightning fury
This storm has tones of dangerous lightning!
afternoon shower in the forest>

This is a thunderstorm in the forest.