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  1. Steven D Podcast Episode 21: Prey (9/7/2019) -

    The length of today's episode was pretty much dependent on my skill at the game I was playing. I hope you weren't expecting a long one after reading that sentence.

    I played a game called Hunter, an old BSC title from several years ago. Since you are forced to restart the game completely over if you lose the 3 lives the game gives you, I completely failed to make it through the game's 10 action packed, reflex intensive levels. Even though the concepts for each level are rather simplistic, I love how the developers still managed to design them in such a way as to eliminate the monotony.

    Want to find out the ways I managed to mess this one up? Have a listen. You... definitely won't be disappointed.

  2. Steven D Podcast Episode 20: Screw Those Bomber PODS!!! (BK3, part 6) (8/24/2019) - This is yet another continuation of my BK3 let's-play. Here, the game increases in difficulty as we knew it would. As the title suggests, we see a brand new pest to deal with, and in my opinion we see way, too many of them! Want to see my reaction, plus some neat little weapons you'll want to be sure to get? Well, have a listen!
  3. Steven D Podcast Episode 19: Rage Inducing Monkies (8/10/2019) -

    In this episode, I play through Awesome Homer, an older, but still very enjoyable title created by Jim Kitchen. Though I originally figured I knew exactly what I was doing, given I've played through the game twice already, my confident attitude transitioned to rage and confusion by the end of the game. (Yes, this is one of the rare episodes of the podcast where you get to see me rage at least once, so if that's entertaining to you you should definitely check this one out!)

    Although we discover that it has some issues running on Windows 10, this legacy title is definitely fun to play, and I'm hoping this episode brings it back into the spotlight, if only for a bit. Even though stripping out my horrible direction challenges and less-than-optimal driving skills would make this game a speedy play, its unique selection of level designs make up for that in my opinion.

  4. Steven D Podcast Episode 18: Electronic Turmoil Behind the Red Painted Forth Wall (BK3, part 5) (7/27/2019) -

    This is a continuation of my ongoing playthrough of BK3, an action RPG that is part of a series developed by a strange young fellow named Yukio Nazawa. This part continues the playthrough's peculiar nature, introducing some of the following:

    Apparently, shooting small iron balls gets rid of hellish demonic spawn better than any exorcism ever could.

    Our little hero has a greedy side. Don't worry, he may have been punched to the ground for this.

    This organization we're fighting may be evil, but don't worry. They apparently teach their soldiers that they have to come in to my sword's range sometimes before shooting, if that says anything about their strategical prowess.

    Oh! And lastly, should an NPC decide to break the 4th wall, rest assured he will promptly receive a swift gift from the developer's mighty paintball gun. Yeah, apparently Yukio has had a paintball gun all along, he's just not used it to help me out so far.

    As you can tell, this was one heck of an episode! I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to the next one as always!

    Before I forget though, I posed a question. It was at the end of the episode, so I'll put it here. Should I continue this playthrough next episode instead of waiting 2 more, or should I continue with the different games I have planned for next time? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on the episode post, filling in the form on This page, or mentioning [a-t] stevenDPodcast on twitter.

  5. Steven D Podcast Episode 17: Struck em Down to the Ground (7/13/2019) -

    They came at me - and one by one, with one hit, I punched 'em to the ground!

    They flew all around me with their shining, false glory. They shot at me, did their best to take me down... but nah. I shot 'em to the ground.

    In this episode, I played two more Japanese audio games, both of which with titles ending in "Strike", and each boasting pissed-off protagonists tasked with the satisfying job of destroying things.

    The first game, quick and competition driven, was called Screaming Strike, and I had to punch things to the ground before they came up and punched me and took away a life. The second game, entitled Audio Strike, was a space invasion game similar to Villains from Beyond (episode 7), but quite different given its increasingly complex leveling system, noteworthy set of unlockables, and story line (though as of now... with an English translation that's more mangled than the ships I shot down). Each one features unique, addicting, and immersive game play!

    See the show notes for more details and updates. Here.

  6. Steven D Podcast Episode 16: Bitter Irony and Evil Things (BK3, Part 4) (6/28/2019) -

    This part of our epic adventure is full of emotional roller coasters for everyone's favorite King Godlord. Join me as the fight against this misterious organization, who plans to take our city and make it their own, transitions from somewhat serious to a fight of desperation and personal vengence! Perhaps today is the day that King Godlord learns that - not every problem can be solved with intimidation and loud claps of thunder. And sometimes, even the victories that seem tremendous to us all simply aren't enough.

    Don't worry. That may have sounded sad, but this episode definitely is not. Even in trying times, our resilient character can find the humor in everything - and this is no exception!

  7. Steven D Podcast Episode 15: Bob the Blind Man Gets a Taste of the Real World (6/14/2019) -

    Meet Blind Bob. Well, he prefers Bob, but we just won't tell him that I called him that. 😀

    In today's episode, I play two games wherein our little friend Bob tries some rather interesting ways of getting around. First he takes a nice, not so peaceful little stroll through the world of Blinded Guide, a funny little game made by L-Works. Without so much as a cane or a guide dog, Blind Bob decides to first walk, then gradually speed up to a full on run, through a sidewalk littered with lethal obstacles. And I, equally blind, get the pleasure of guiding our adventurous little friend!

    And then as if that wasn't enough, Bobby decided to go and drive a car for whatever reason, and use it to plow down some cones. I'm sure you can guess that this is not the careless joyride he was looking for, but I doubt you can guess why. Let's just say that the people in Oriol Gomez's Danger on the wheel, *really* value their traffic cones - and knocking them down can and will have dire consequences.

    Yeah. I bet you can already see what's coming before even checking this episode out. Too bad Bob didn't.

  8. Steven D Podcast Episode 14: When it All Falls Down (bk3, part 3) (5/31/2019) - Let me tell you a story: there was once a mayor of a tiny little town under attack who said, "Find a safe place if you don't want to die." And then, he died. Listen to this rather amusing part 3 of my BK3 playthrough, as I complete the rest of stage 2 and most of stage 3. Flying lamps? Oh yeah, plenty of those here. What about bouncing desks that do damage by jumping up and landing on your head? Uh... yeah... those are here too for some reason. Also, how can a swarm of bees drop glass light bulbs on to peoples' heads? I guess that also begs the question, how many bees does it take to unscrew a light bulb? Perhaps most amusing though are the security carts whose idea of stealth is to cut their engines so you can't hear them -- while you're already attacking them. Apparently they didn't get the memo that playing possum spares nobody from the tantrum throwing, lightening conjuring, shotgun blasting, evil psychotic maniac mayor aptly named King Godlord. All of these can be found, and more, in this epic part of our adventure! As a bonus, something extremely amusing occurs that puts our "good hero" in his place. I just won't say what it is or when it happens -- you'll have to listen to find out!
  9. Steven D Podcast Episode 13: The Most Efficient Way to Settle an Argument (5/17/2019) - What happens when a bunch of pretty inexperienced players decide to jump on a death match style pvp fps and are handed a tona guns? Listen and find out! Oh and when you're done, be sure to remind Lukenator that he is most definitely *not* the best player. He got owned. Seriously! I think today's takeaway is as follows: when it comes to causing the most destruction on the merciless march down the Road to Rage, I win the award. Or perhaps Alec. Too bad nobody will be around to award us. 😀
  10. Steven D Podcast Episode 12: the Real Problem in Today’s Schools (BK3, part 2) (5/3/2019) - Today, I continue my lets play of BK3, started in episode 8 of the podcast. I complete stage 1 and move on to stage 2. During this interesting part of my quest, I learn a few things: firstly, the abysmal conditions children face in schools. Seriously, I only graduated last year, but apparently we’ve devolved to… well not so friendly mascots and quite rude hall moniters. Second though is… the fact that indeed, nothing in this world is free, even that which is given to you. As it turns out, both of these lessons were very painful to learn, but at least I survived. I can’t wait to continue this in part 3!
  11. Steven D Podcast Episode 11: Watch Where You’re Going! (4/12/2019) - What happens when a blind guy hops on a motorcycle? No, I don’t mean to go for a quick little drive in a parking lot… I mean, gets tired of walking and the bus system and decides to drive to work. The answer to that question is in this episode – this episode, where we learn not only why blind people are not permitted to drive, but also the consequences of getting knocked off a motorcycle going at really high speeds. I seriously did not know a human body could bounce so many times, or fly so far. On the bright side, I got lots of money for doing that. It pays to waste your life doing stupid things. Also, if it’s any consolation… the last time I crashed, my body landed next to an ambulance or something… though I don’t know how much they truly could’ve done. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did! If you want to learn more about this podcast, have any comments, questions, or suggestions, or wish to tune into an episode as it's being live streamed, visit my podcast page at http://www.stevend.net/podcast.
  12. Steven D Podcast Episode 10: This is Why We Don’t Bring Fire Cannons to Birthday Parties (3/21/2019) - Clipping the microphone. Breaking the internet. Bursting bright blue birthday balloons and blazing blocks into oblivion. Sound fun? Join Baylee and I as we play a balloon popping mini game being worked on by Ivan Soto, because it’s bout to be my B day yall, and then Laser breakout by the same guy who created Burger King ahem I mean BK 1, 2, and 3. Oh yeah, and watch what happens when I plug my computer in! It really doesn’t like that.
  13. Steven D Podcast Episode 9: Destruction Time! If You can Aim the damn Thing, Yukio. (3/7/2019) - In this episode, I begin by playing the mission mode of Marina Break, the breakout/pinball style game created by Yukio Nazawa, the same dude who created the BK series! And yes, I do spend like 3 minutes on two of the levels smacking the ball around – but it’s not because I can’t aim, it’s because Yukio the developer made it too hard. Yeah, that’s right. It’s not my fault at all! Ahem anyway, after that I demonstrate a Breakout concept of my own, and finally I end with a demonstration of the new voiceovers in Scramble! I hope you enjoy this Episode that lasted way longer than I thought it would!
  14. Steven D Podcast Episode 8: the Ultimate Downfall to Havin’ a Ball is Getting Bonked on the Head (BK3, part 1) (2/22/2019) - Whether it’s rocks, slime, or flying electrified lamps, we find out that getting bonked on the head by anything is really not a good way to go! Listen as I first demonstrate Scramble once more, as well as a new intense, platforming minigame I recently added to it! Then, we move on to BK3, and complete the tutorial and half of stage 1! (Yeah… I know. I couldn’t complete the rest because of those damn flying lamps!)
  15. Steven D Podcast Episode 7: Read the Manual, or Die in a Horrible Alien Invasion as you Watch Everyone Else Get Abducted by Mutants. (2/8/2019) - What, none of that sounds pleasant to you? Yeah, me neither. That’s exactly what I had to endure however, when I decided to play Villains From Beyond and Dark Defender, two retro style arcade space invaders games from Oriol Gomez and Guillem Leon, without reading either of the manuals first. Though both can be categorized as space invaders, each presents a highly unique twist on the concept that makes it vastly different from most other games in the genre. So even if space invaders aren’t your cup of tea, you won’t want to miss this one! And who knows, those who don’t like space invaders might just change their minds for these two games.
  16. Steven D Podcast Episode 6: Coins, Rock Music… oh and Horrible Death. (1/25/2019) - This podcast features just me, Steven D. I start the podcast off by providing an opinion-based game play review of the Mine Racer game from 2mb Solutions, and then I move on to drag out an old yet still majorly addictive and rather enjoyable title from the now abandoned Dan Z Games called Super Deekout to mess around with for a few minutes. As usual, you can expect some epic failure as I attempt to play these games, as well as interaction with listeners and all around random discussion. Remember that if you want to participate in an episode as it is being streamed, feel free to check out the main podcast page at stevend.net/podcast for the streaming schedules. Streams will usually be done on Friday afternoons in the American Central timezone. You can also use this page to submit feedback about any episode or the podcast in general, and if you feel like it and have the means, support the podcast as well.
  17. Steven D Podcast Episode 5: Scramble… to Nowhere? (1/10/2019) - **This stream is informal, and all in good fun. Anyone jokingly called out at the beginning is actually a friend and no one is being genuinely insulted on stream. Most people know this, but figured I’d include it ** Welcome to Episode 5! In this one, Sam, Alec, Carter and I demonstrate this fun new … Continue reading "Steven D Podcast Episode 5: Scramble… to Nowhere?"
  18. Steven D Podcast Episode 4: …Kick your ass! (12/27/2018) - This is a special episode of the Steven D Podcast. Sam, Carter, Alec, and I are all hanging out at Sam’s house for the week. In this episode, all 4 of us take turns playing a few small competition games, to see who can get the highest score. Among those are The Great Toy Robbery … Continue reading "Steven D Podcast Episode 4: …Kick your ass!"
  19. Steven D Podcast Episode 3: The Obvious Problem with Running Away from your Problems! (11/29/2018) - Well, I think the title says it all! In this exciting and suspenseful episode, listen as I demonstrate an epic new game that Sam Tupy is working on! The game is called Constant motion, and is actually a series of several minigames that will have you jumping at every turn, cursing in frustration and anger, … Continue reading "Steven D Podcast Episode 3: The Obvious Problem with Running Away from your Problems!"
  20. Steven D Podcast Episode 2: Hell (11/15/2018) - I, along with guest hosts Sam Tupy, Carter Temm, and Alec Olson, demonstrate 3 interesting, extremely difficult, but not yet released game concepts! The title says it all: listen as I try and fail miserably to out run things that try to kill me, dodge lethal obstacles, and of course… avoid receiving the obligatory curses … Continue reading "Steven D Podcast Episode 2: Hell"
  21. Steven D Podcast Episode 1: Oh… Shiiiiit! (11/1/2018) - This is the first episode of the Steven D Podcast! It features myself, and guest host Baylee Alger, taking the game I created known as Oh Shit, and putting it through the grinder! I start out playing a regular round of the game, but end up messing up the mechanics so badly, that it turns … Continue reading "Steven D Podcast Episode 1: Oh… Shiiiiit!"