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This is the page of various things I’ve created such as gamebooks, software, games, swamp campaigns etc etc.

S Quad Racing

S Quad Racing is an audio only arcade-style racing game where your goal is to beat your opponents to the finish line while avoiding numerous obstacles and watching out for sharp turns that otherwise could cause you to crash and burn. Race against a customisable number of opponents, and unlock tracks as you become more eficient at racing on the less difficult tracks.

Though it might seem like a game with a lot of potential, S Quad Racing is still a work in progress. To moniter its progress, listen to weekly audio progress demos, and receive possible release dates, visit the S Quad Racing Game page

Flamity Flame, an Arcade Style Shooter Game|April 2015

Flamity is a small audio game enspired by a poem about a horrible lame game where your goal is to kill a guy named James, who actually does not make a sound.
You play on a side-scrolling grid, that is twenty squares wide. There is a safe zone ranging from coordinates 0 to 4, where James is unable to spawn and therefore unable to attack. Walk across the board until you reach James’s coordinates, where you must proceed to attack him until he dies, timing your attacks in a manner that would make it difficult for James to retaliate.
Also, there are items on the map that you can collect to further enhance game play. These could increase or decrease health and damage, or even move James to your current location, provoking instantaneous, unexpected fighting.
Should you not want to pick up the item, just press up arrow to jump over it.
Also, there are bombs. When a bomb is active, you are disabled from shooting, giving you no option but to run to the safe zone before the three beeps are up and it explodes. Not being in the safe zone at the time of explosion will result in your death, no matter your health. These are James’s last ditch efforts to stop you from robbing his lives.
Well, like what you read? Then what are you waiting for!
Try it out!
Included is a documentation read me, and an audio demo that teaches you strategy, to help you get better at playing the game.
Enjoy, and happy Flaming!

Swamp Campaign Maker|September 2013

Introducing the swamp campaign creator.
This software allows you to create campaigns for swamp, the zombie first person shooter created by Jeremy Kaldobsky, better known as Aprone. Campaigns are custom adventures scripted by players of the game swamp that can range from an egg hunt adventure, to a more complex find-the-special-item or save-the-survivers mission, to even a full on game with side quests and such. You can script the campaigns to make swamp do things it has never done before, which makes this game unique.
Swamp Campaign Creator, takes the coding out of making campaigns. Using an intuitive web of menus and user input dialogs, SCM can aid you in the process of swamp campaign creation. Best of all, you won’t have to write a single line of code, and the help file comes with useful notes and tells you the correct spelling of all items and zombies in the game.
Download the latest swamp campaign creator

scm review

swamp campaign maker demonstration

Campaigns I’ve created

sniping mania
Stand on a roof and snipe as many zombies as possible.
sniping mania, version 2.0
The good old sniping mania campaign with redesigned gameplay.
Hungry couard
Battle your way through a sea of hungry undead to get into Ken and Omar’s stake house to retrieve a stake for a man who is hungry, but too fearful of the zombies to get it himself.
This campaign was featured in Episode 17 of the Steven D podcast, which can be found here
twisted egg hunt
This is an egg hunt swamp version. Oh but what would be a swamp campaign without zombies? Yes, those are here. Don’t kill too many of them, however, because as you’ll find out if you don’t take heed to this warning, things just might get a bit more complicated than they would’ve been had you left well enough alone.


these are maps you will need for some of the campaigns on this page
survival map

Stranded Part 3: the end game|February 2014

Welcome to the third and final part to the choose your own adventure action trilogy known as Stranded. In this installment, you must defeat the boss and leave the island.
Make your way through another set of complicated traps and enemies along the way.
download it

stranded part 2–the fight|June 2013

Welcome to the second book to the stranded series, and is called the fight. In this book, you must make it from a misterious wooden platform to the boss of the island, and find a way to kill him. This game has lots of fun adventure, and even a couple unusual hints. Please enjoy!
Oh yeah,
you can download it here

Stranded part 1–the climb|March 2013

Welcome to stranded part 1-the climb! Please click below to download the game book:
Play the game

You are out fishing with your dog Teto one day in a calm river. All of a sudden, a storm strikes, killing the dog and sinking your boat. After battering the storm on your life raft, you find yourself docking on a beach. From there, choose whether to go north, east or west, and be sure that you will find lots of adventure where ever you will go.

Now, fight your way through this mysterious magical island until you reach the latter, and after you climb it that will be the end of your journey.

Hope you enjoy!

the kids prison|June 2012

please click the link below to download this awesome game book:
Play this awesome game

You are walking home from school with your friend one day. All the sudden, a trap door opens up, and sucks your friend down into it (the place is called the kids prison). Your job is to avoid traps and guards, and complete the mission of finding the key and opening your friend’s prison cell, and returning home.

Please click the link above the story and download that cool game.


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