sQuad racing

October 24, 2016–As of right now, S Quad Racing is being rewritten in a different programming language, and the design is going to be quite different from the version that was last demonstrated on this page. The reason for the switch is this: my math skills weren’t what they should be for a game like this. The track and game design were very similar to This game in the Top Speed series, in that turning was simply moving left and right on the track, not really changing theta. In addition, you’ll have noticed that S Quad Racing was not, exactly open world. That, and though you could race opponents in regular racing mode, what was really a challenge? All of the opponents presented the same level of difficulty, it was a game that let you mash on the accelerator without having to break and turn or else enjoy a nice bit of out of control madness, and over all, the mechanics were primitive. I believe this was due to a combination of my lack of coding knowledge at the time I started the project,  a lack of willingness to learn concepts that were well over my head, and of course, that I was utilizing a programming language that was not quite suited for my intended purposes, so a lot of my time was spent patching things together with a bunch of repeat code. Either way, even with a seemingly promising rewrite in Pure Basic, I was just starting to make the same old mistakes all over again. I’d hardly changed anything up, save the fact that I was no longer such a newbie developer, so I found more efficient ways to code certain things, and a couple of features existed in the new rewrite that hadn’t in the old version.

Finally, I decided to switch to Python for my game development. So far since the switch, I’ve learned how to implement full 360 degree rotation, 3d audio support, vertical rotation, and even now, I’ve mostly grasped the concepts of running an online game server.

So while I have been silent on this page for more time than was probably necessary, I’m definitely glad to say that that which I’ve learned thus far is being put to use. And although the design for S Quad Racing is drastically different from any previous version or demo I’ve discussed here on this website, and I will end up having to go through the process of recording the driving demo, then the racing demo, all over again, it is well worth it. Because in this S Quad Racing build, we get open world maps. We also get a much better system of handling things, and a higher level of challenge. Maybe I won’t be able to release an audio demo of driving by, say, next week or whatever like I did last time, but that’s only because this system is harder to code, because it’s higher quality.

One more thing before I sign off though. This time, I won’t be scheduling things. I will upload demos when I upload them, and provide progress updates when they are necessary. I think one of my biggest downfalls from the last S Quad Racing was that I was trying to rush myself, though now I think I’ve learned my lesson in regards to that.


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