Life updates, winter weather, project news, and all that stuff.

Hey guys,
Steve here.

We had some snow on Thursday. And guess what? Another 3 day weekend! At first, none of us (me, or mesquite ISD) thought we’d have the day off, that is unless MISD was just waiting until 6 in the morning to tell us we weren’t going to school just so we couldn’t sleep in… but I highly doubt that was the case.
Originally, there was just an inch of snow on the ground from Thursday when it snowed all day long, but as people drove across the snow, it thawed out and refroze as ice. Thus, the ice prevented us from going to school.
How did I spend this unexpected but rather pleasant 3 day weekend? Well I did pretty much nothing except program, goal ball, and work on stranded. My sister and dad were gone to some goal ball tournament, so it was just me and my mom. We didn’t do much, so that’s why I had plenty of time to work on my projects.
I know I posted my last life update last Tuesday… but there isn’t much to say about the remainder of the school week before this 3 day weekend. It was just school, and stranded… that is until Thursday night.
On Thursday night, my friend Danny got me started on this programming language known as Pure Basic, or PB. Deciding I liked Pure Basic, I began programming a piece of software, learning the language as I went. That is what I’m referring to when I say I was “Programming” or working on my “projects” The name of this software is “SQuad Word,” SQuad being the title of my software company. It might be just me in that software company… but if I am actively producing software, I should give myself a name. SQuad stands for severe storm steve software by the way.
If you’re wondering, there is a reason why I am very determined to get this software completed and fully functioning. On Thursday night, when I first started programming SQuad Word, I ran into some trouble. And do you want to know what my friend Danny said to me? He said “Maybe a word processor isn’t the best thing to start out with.”
And since then, I have continued to develop this piece of software, making sure it is working, and adding new features to it, to let him know that while a word processor might not be the best thing to start out with, I will not let that fact hinder me, and no matter the cost, I will make a fully functioning word pad.
I have almost accomplished this goal: you can create, edit, open, and save files, and you can select text, undo, copy, cut, and paste. Now the only thing I need to add if I want this to be a word pad worth anyone’s time is the ability to change the font, and I am working on that. As soon as I do that, and make sure the program is bug free, I’ll upload it to the software page.
Getting on to Stranded, it will be released tomorrow. I don’t have much to do on it, and I will make sure it is released tomorrow.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to say. I believe I’ve caught you up on everything, and I’d better work on stranded a bit more before I go to bed, which will be very soon.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

updates and anoying school projects

Hey you guys,
Steve is back.

This week hasn’t been very active. I’ve been learning a programming language, bgt (a coding language where blind people like me can code our own games), and have officially programmed my first ever bgt script.
I will talk about that in another blog post, as my file den account is still under maintenence. In fact, regarding that issue, I have recently been informed that due to there hard drive restoration scheduled for the middle of next month, some of us are affected. I can tell you, that as soon as my account is back, I am archiving every single file on that account, so when the new platform is built I can get them all back up on the sight. This will be a lot of work for me, since I have links to about 60 files spread out all over this 23 page, 680 blog post website. And, I will have to update all of them! Exhausting…
I thought so.

Anyway, back to my week, I got a pretty good storm recording Tuesday night. That will also be posted on the blog as soon as the file den is back up. And, as bike riding goes, I did a ride with my dad today. For some reason, it didn’t hurt, give or take a few hills. That’s beyond the overall point; I just didn’t feel nearly as much pain as I normally do.
Now, to point out the weird parts for you, The bike ride left me sick to my stomach, shaky, and I was raining sweat. Hmm… Don’t know what happened there.

Basically, there wasn’t much to my life. The only other thing that really happened, was going to spin class Monday night, and anice 3 day streek of rain.
There wasn’t anything summer like to my life besides that. On a not so cool note, I have a school project to do this summer.
On the bright side, I made it into pre-ap english, and that’s why I have that project. I have to read 2 books, one of which is pretty good (I don’t know about the other, because I never read it), and I also have to make a mask and do something else (I forgot because after all, it’s still summer vacation, and my mind just doesn’t feel like thinking school work until August 26).
Well, I will try to get that done by Wednesday, so I don’t have anything to worry about. It may not be as anoying as I said in the title of the post, but I still don’t want to do it.

Well, if anything else pops up, I will be sure to update you guys.

For now…
thanks for reading,
type you later,