Hey all,
I’m Steven D, A.K.A. Severe Storm Steve, and I would like to welcome you to my website.
First of all, let me introduce myself.

my interests


I’ve been interested in weather for as long as I can remember. The nickname ‘Severe Storm Steve was the one I used throughout elementary school, when I was the weather forecaster on the morning announcements. Since I began using the internet around that time, the nickname severe storm steve has stuck, and is what I use for pretty much all social media I use. (this website, and a couple audio game forums)


I love to write. On this website, in fact, I maintain a blog that is updated quite frequently. Though I don’t write poetry, or even stories in most cases, I love to write about my life, my programming, and games.


As you will quickly find out if you have plans to read other sections of this website, I LOVE MY GAMES! Most of the games I play are windows-based audio games, or games that prompt the player with sound cues rather than graphical ones. My gaming interests lie mainly in the racing and first-person shooter genres, though I find the occasional card or dice game enjoyable as well.
On this website, I run a podcast, that is actually recordings of various games I love to play. Every week or so, I update it, so if you love audiogames as much as I do then you should check it out, because I demo some pretty cool ones.


In February 2014, I was introduced to a scripting language called Pure Basic by a good friend of mine. From the beginning, I’ve been able to grasp the concepts very well, and as a result have been programming various apps and games. Though most of these are useless, small things that aren’t worth publishing, some of them have still managed to make it on to my website, and can be found at
this page.


That concludes this page. More can be found about me by reading the blog, or the meat steven page of this website. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

8 responses

  1. Hi Steven,
    Glad I found your blog as I am thoroughly enjoying it! Miss seeing you and having thumb wars, however I can keep up with you through your writing! Glad you had fun at camp!
    Barbara Dirickson

    1. Ms dirickson,
      I miss you too, and am glad you found my blog.

      By the way how did you find it?

      1. I found the note I wrote the address on! Lol! Glad I was clearing out my notes on my ipad😄

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. lol yes indeed that is. If you want to, you can follow the blog, and it will send all the posts to your email. Just letting you know so you can stay caught up.

      3. I already signed up for that!

        Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hey steven it’s me Ahmed and i just went through your page very thoroughly and i liked it it’s cool

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