Hey guys,
Steve here.

Welcome to stevend.net. This is, as you might’ve already known, the website and blog of Steven D, a blind teenager from Texas who enjoys computers, weather, and cats.
Over the years, this website has grown to be of substantial size, with content ranging from podcasts and storm recordings to quizzes and choose-your-own-adventure books.

so how did you start this and why?

The story of this website starts back in early 2011, when I started having the erge to keep some form of a journal. However, I knew that a simple spiral notebook would not suffice, as it was bound to fill up, if not get lost somewhere down the road.
This thought, combined with the fact that I’d been interested in making a website for quite some time, lead me to go blog searching. After some time, I came upon a service called word press, and decided to stick with it–because unlike tumblr or blogger, word press didn’t have much in the way of back links, it was accessible, and it had a support team willing to help me if it was needed. Sure, tumblr and blogger most definitely have a support team that’s there for you, however I still didn’t want to use them.
Moving on, on April 20, 2011, I created my first blog. But since there wasn’t much in the way of available names, I angrily typed in a whole bunch of letters for my blog address, and realized the next day, that I couldn’t change the blog address. As it turns out, however, word press actually supports the ability to change your blog address, however I didn’t know how to do so at the time.
So, on April 21, I created a blog with the address stevendaughertysblog.wordpress.com, which actually ended up being the first address of this site. And, at 5:05 PM, I wrote my first post, which said: “hi everyone and welcome to my weblog (or blog)! This is a blog about Steven Daugherty! hope you enjoy!” not a very descriptive or well written first post… huh?
For the next year, I went about posting “how my day went entries,” or daily posts telling you how my day went. On April 10, 2012, I changed the blog’s address to sssjournal.wordpress.com, and thus continued muy normal posting routine.
August 25, 2012 was when the domain stevend.net was registered for this blog. And, February 19, 2013 was the day the how my day went entries ended, as I thought they were getting a bit repetitive.
Ever since February 19, 2013, I’ve been blogging as your average blogger does–every fiew days in most cases.

Also throughout this blog’s long history, there has been pages that have come and gone, and new developments to the site. And just as it has always been, I plan to continue adding on to this wonderful website, for the foreseeable future.

so what is your goal with this website?

As for the answer to that question, my goal for this website is to let the future come as it does. I’ll continue to update this website with more blog posts, more software, more recordings, and whatever else catches my intrests.
Although the preceding statement is in fact true, my main goal for this site is to educate people on my life, and what I like to do. And ultimately, once I either die, or lose intrest in having a website, I wish to greatly impact my readers in some way. My goal, by this website, is to be remembered as who I am–a blind guy who loves cats, has a passion for writing, is interested in computers, and mostly likes weather.

… so, what are you guys waiting for?

The preceding text was just the beginning of this awesome site. There is much to read and listen to, so have at it! I hope your visit here is wonderful, intertaining, and informational. Have a wonderful day, evening, night, or morning… or whatever time of day it is for you!

6 responses

  1. Hi Steven,
    Glad I found your blog as I am thoroughly enjoying it! Miss seeing you and having thumb wars, however I can keep up with you through your writing! Glad you had fun at camp!
    Barbara Dirickson

    1. Ms dirickson,
      I miss you too, and am glad you found my blog.

      By the way how did you find it?

      1. I found the note I wrote the address on! Lol! Glad I was clearing out my notes on my ipad😄

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. lol yes indeed that is. If you want to, you can follow the blog, and it will send all the posts to your email. Just letting you know so you can stay caught up.

      3. I already signed up for that!

        Sent from my iPhone


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