Interact with the stream

Ways you can Interact with the podcast during live streams

  • Skype group. You will need to fill out the write-in to the podcast form if you’d like to be added; it would be really bad to post the link on the site and get a bunch of bots. Also because I apparently have to say this… include your Skype name in the request. I’m not going to take the time to have a back and forth dialogue where I ask you for it. Requests which don’t have a Skype name will be ignored. I’ll add you in as soon as I get your request and know it’s legit. Also, please read the next subheading for the rules of the Skype group – not following these will result in removal from the group with no chance of being added back.
  • discord server
  • Mentioning at StevenDPodcast on twitter

Rules for the Skype group

Note: breaking any of these will result in your removal from the group, so just follow them and we’ll be good.

  • No Spam. This means sending a bunch of messages of any kind in order, so that you are chatting over and over again and causing disruption. Please do not mistake this for me banning OT chat.
  • No bullying, harassing, defaming, mud slinging, or flaming is allowed in this group. I like to joke, so I do tolerate jokes and insults and such, but if you cross the line and start hurting people or someone seriously asks you to stop, stop.
  • A lot of us use screen readers. Do not send strings that cause them to crash.
  • Finally, let’s all have fun! I don’t stream all the time, so feel free to discuss things not related to the stream at all – it’s cool if we just chill and talk about whatever.