Episode Highlights

The following are highlights gathered from previous episodes. These are funny moments that attempt to convey the nature of the podcast.

The highlights are sorted by level 3 heading. The main sections are by level 2. At the bottom of the page is a form where highlight requests can be made. If you want to skip to that, go to the next level 2 heading.



Sam does not like being corrected. However, he was saying it wrong!

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You know? Sometimes, this just happens when you’re trying to play games. Or, even doing other things. Life just deflates you sometimes.

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The Pray that Hunted Me

Note: to be serious for a second, I do *not* condone violence towards animals.

😀 However, the stupid thing kept chasing me!

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Famous Last Words

So you’re the greatest, are you?

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Welcome to the Steven D Podcast!

Sometimes you just need to pop open a can, and everything will be alright. If recording though, cut off the part where you throw the empty can on the ground, so nobody suspects it was you.

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