About the stream

What is this?

Hello and Welcome to the Steven D Podcast!
The Steven D Podcast is a rather informal stream/podcast featuring myself, Steven D as the host, along with any other guests who may join from time to time. While this Podcast is aimed at the blind and tends to be technical most of the time, the main goal is to entertain, and for the most part not inform. You can expect random gaming sessions, talks about things that I find interesting or funny, as well as demonstrations of games / partial projects I’ve coded be it as concept demos or just to see how badly I can screw it up!

This Podcast is not a dictatorship though. I don’t say what we do and when all the time, though of course I’ll try to maintain a schedule, agenda, and it’ll still be up to me and whoever else is with me what we end up doing. However, I have a feedback form, and hope to get a chat room set up so you guys can throw in your 2-cents! So if there’s a time I’m playing a game, or messing with my code, you will definitely get to tell me what you’d like me to do with it and or just leave other comments!

My listeners mean a hell of a lot to me, without you this wouldn’t have a point, so you’ll get treated kindly! 🙂


  • Publication schedule: preferably 2 weeks. However, I will not attempt to stick strictly to this, as I’d rather publish quality content than on a scheduled basis. Bottom line, if I don’t publish a cast and am not super busy, it’s because I don’t want to publish a redundant or boring episode.
  • Running time of 30 minutes to an hour. Could be more if we have more to do.
  • Games, code experimentation (not listening to me type for 30 minutes, but doing comical stuff to things I’ve coded or showing it off).
  • Occasional talks about things I find interesting, sharing of facts or stories that I find mind blowing, you get the idea.
  • Most importantly, listener participation! I run this podcast because I want you to be entertained, to have something more to look forward to, and to hang out with me! Leave your comments/jokes/suggestions/feedback/criticism/whatever, your input is always valued and welcome! It’s my way of paying you back for keeping this going!