Welcome to Scramble!

Welcome to the official page for Scramble. On this page you will find a description, audio demos, and some quick questions about getting started with the game. Prior to that, however, here is a quick menu of things you may want to do:

What is Scramble?

Are you ready for fast paced action the likes of which has rarely been seen before? Are you ready for round after addicting round of intense, high speed, and riveting chaos? Are you ready… to Scramble?

Welcome to the latest arcade title from Steven D!

Race against the clock of impending doom to accumulate the highest score possible and leave a legacy of respect by showing up everyone on the scoreboards!

Collect items, avoid high speed cannon balls and lethal flying bricks, and Scramble to grab as many items as you can, all while avoiding a merciless, rapidly expanding pit that threatens to eventually consume everything in its path without yield or consideration!

Fight intense battles for just a few more seconds to beat your high score as the odds stack higher and higher against you! Run, jump, and climb your way to success! These and more are things you’ll be doing, as you climb the ranks in the world of Scramble.

Unlock various game modes to provide new, exciting opportunities to challenge your skills like never before! Show your reflexive, attentive, and strategical prowess by boasting your greatest accomplishments on the scoreboard, complete with detailed statistical logs so everyone can see just how skilled you really are!

Discover tens of badges and achievements for every good thing you do and every mistake you make. Challenge yourself to do better, and keep track of your progress with comprehensive stats systems, and local score listings for each variation!

And finally, if you’re really up for it, unlock the obscure minigame, and prove to us all that you can succeed in diversely hellish environments. This, and more, is what you will get with Scramble, resulting in countless hours of addicting fun!

Audio Demonstrations and game overviews

In this section, you will find audio demonstrations that I have recorded, as well as links to full game overviews done by various players!

Community Playthroughs and Bonus Content

Demo 1. Survival

Survival mode demonstration. Short game.
Download Scramble Demo 1 (wav, 6.77MB)

Demo 2. Intense game, almost 4 minutes

Insane Scramble game. 4 minutes.
Download Scramble Demo 2 (wav, 41 mb)

Information about purchasing

How do I activate the game?

You will activate Scramble by purchasing an account. One account will cost $16.48 US. This is a one-time fee.

This account will grant you three (3) machine slots to start out with. This means you can have Scramble active on 3 computers at a time.

If you wish for more slots, they can be purchased for $5 a piece.

Will it be possible to deactivate machines?

It will be possible to deactivate machines from either the game, or the online interface. Any abusers of the system will have their account banned without refund. The only way they can begin playing again is to purchase a new account. The system may also be changed in future if necessary.

What does Scramble use to process payments? Will it change?

For now, Scramble uses PayPal to process transactions. The hope is that I can include other payment processors in future. When you purchase an account though, you can specify an email address that is not yours to have it sent to. Perhaps you can coordinate with someone to use this feature to purchase the game if you are unable to access PayPal in your country for now. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Like I said I’d like to change it, but I want to get everything else squared away before focusing on that.