Hello visitor, welcome to the StevenD.net website. I’m Steven, the jokular, intelligent “Programmer with Pro Grammar” who runs this website.
Since this is a personal website, there’s not too much here, but I reckon you’ll find some content that makes your visit worth wile. There is some games and such that I’ve coded, a little pod cast, a blog that gets updated quite frequently, recordings of thunderstorms, and a page where you can learn about me.
I have no means of contact, consider me an anonimous entity. However, should you wish to communicate with me, you may leave a comment.
There’s just one last thing I have to tell you before you leave this page. Since I am a self-declared computer geek, a lot of the writing, especially that on the blog, and computer creations page obviously, could be quite confusing for those of little or no computer knolege. Beware!

All that aside, Enjoy your visit and have a wonderful day!


17 thoughts on “home

  1. Hi Steven,
    Glad I found your blog as I am thoroughly enjoying it! Miss seeing you and having thumb wars, however I can keep up with you through your writing! Glad you had fun at camp!
    Barbara Dirickson

  2. Hi Stevend, I am glad I have found your blog now. I love reading other’s blogs and hence, I will be following your posts regularly. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot from your blog. Keep updating with new information and stories. See you around!

    With love and wishes from Bhutan,

  3. Steven, I download Audio Quake for my son Hannes Fouche that is blind, but do not know which exe file to open as there are 3 and the second and third say it could harm my computer, Please help me as hy is playing all your games

    1. Hello Hilda,
      You do not run any executable file to open audio quake. In the folder, there is a file called “Start Audio Quake.bat” and that is the one you should open. Once you open it for him, the computer will instruct your son on what to do to start playing.

      Hope this helps.

  4. My company 3DPhotoWorks has developed a printing process that allows blind and sight impaired people to see art and photography. Our process is getting a lot of press. We are asking the blind community what great art they would like to see and have created a web site where they can tell us. We hope to receive 10,000 votes. Here is the link to vote. I hope you will share it. Thank you. http://wshe.es/ztcXnulY

  5. Hey Steven, I got bored during physics so I looked up your blog. Funny that you call yourself a programmer with pro grammar however you had a pretty bad typo in your introduction. “Worthwhile” is not the same as “worth wile”. I’m not being a grammar nazi lol but you should probably look up the definition of wile. Unless you meant to type it… jk 🙂

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