my talk show about blogging

Please click here to download my new talk show. This will tell you why you should and shouldn’t get a blog. The people that should view this are that of ones who aren’t sure if they want a blog. In 10 minutes, I will fill you in on traffic tips, benifits to haveing a blog, and the cons to having one. Please listen to it, and leave your feedback. Thank you,

free blogging platforms

Have you ever wanted a blog, with the 20 platforms in this post, you can. From diaries, to guestbooks, to albums, to chat ingens, I spent a long time looking these up for your convenience. Please enjoy, and I hope you get the blog you want!

Have you ever wanted a blog, journal, or diary? Well, below are at least 10 places you can choose from. Some, you can do diaries, and some you can’t. But, some of them have other features. Please comment if you like it or not, and so I can have your feedback.

type pad:
self-hosted wordpress:
live journal:
weebly (can also be a site):
sos blogs:
inube: guestbook, blog, photo album, or site:

where can I get a free domain?

hear are some free domain sights. Note, these are either short domains, and the sourse is
1. survice where you can register lots of cool domains, for example
2. can register a domain like
3. can register a free domain like
4. can register
5. can register a free domain.
6. .com-you can register a free, .org, .net, .info, etc, but you have to complete and earn points. visit at
7. can register a free domain
8. a domain