how to get a good walking work out

In order to get a pretty good work out, You must do the following.
First things first, you must have a treadmill, or other walking sourse nearby. Or, any other work out sourse.
Second, You need to have an eye-pod with either scarey or fast music.
Third, you will need some water to drink every once in a while.

If you usually work out, but don’t listen to music or anything, you are probabaly getting very tired. But, in my experience, listening to music and drinking water will get you distracted. If you have something wild, scarey, or crazy on your music, it will help boost your adrenalin. For me, It makes me want to work harder, and get my mind off the work out. While listening to one of my favorite songs that made me full of excitement, I began to run on the treadmill, and didn’t even realise it. Maybe, you could try it too, and you will also be working out like a pro without even knowing it.