Rules and Purchasing Information – Scramble

Though Scramble is not an online game, it still has a few rules since there are online components. These are listed below, along with a copy of the terms you will agree to when purchasing the game.


Scramble has a healthy smattering of adult humor. It is not sexually explicit, though cursing and mature jokes are present in the game.


  • Do not spam the scoreboards. This means no words designed to crash screen readers, no names longer than 20 characters, no gibberish, and no trolling/offensive/harmful names. Depending on the severity of the offense, you could receive anything from a warning to account deletion for this.
  • Do not cheat. If you are caught cheating and posting your score, you will have your account removed. It may seem harsh, but cheating is a very easy choice not to make.
  • This is mentioned in the purchase agreement, but no account sharing! Your account is yours only, and if you give anyone else access and are caught, it’ll be removed. Accounts are not in limited supply!
  • Don’t die. If you do, the game is over!

What happens before your account is deleted?

I felt it important to post this here in the event that breaking one of the rules gets a users account revoked.

If breaking one of the above rules results in account deletion, the account owner will be notified via email three days before their account is to be deleted. This provides a window of opportunity to discuss the decision. If the account owner continues to break the rules during these three days, however, a second email notification will be sent that explains that their account is being removed due to continued rule violation. The account will then be removed on the same day that this second email is sent.

Purchasing agreement.

This is presented to purchasers when they buy the game, but I’m including it here as well.

  • The account you are purchasing, for $16.48 US or an equivalent thereof, provides you access to the paid features of Scramble as it is now. You are not guaranteed additional features, expansions, or bug fixes. This purchase is for access to the current version of Scramble, with the added benefit that you get to keep playing if subsequent versions are released.

    I strongly urge that you try the demo and make sure it works and is what you want before continuing with the purchase.

  • With this account, you are provided three (3) machine activation slots. This means you can activate and maintain activation of a copy of Scramble on three (3) computers at a time. If you no longer need a computer registered, you can deactivate it from within the game or the online interface.

    If you need more than 3 slots, you can purchase additional slots for $5.00 US a piece.

  • Scramble accounts are nonrefundable for any reason. The server may go down at times especially right after release, but this is not grounds for a refund. It will come back. If I permanently abandon the game/server and that makes it unplayable, I will insure it can be played independent of the server at that point.

    I want to especially emphasize that if your account is removed or banned due to rule violations, you are not entitled to a refund. You will not be banned without warning or explanation. See above for information on the banning process.

By purchasing and or playing the game, you agree to follow both the rules and the purchase agreement.