A 3 day weekend looming ahead

Hey you guys,
Steve is back with a vengeance.

Below is another epic post of awesomeness written by the world’s best writer…
Yeah, as if.
Well let’s get on with it.
My week was a pretty good one; not a lot of stress; not much in the way of homework. It was mainly filled with school, zombie smashin’, screechy violin practice, and rain.

Nothing huge has happened since the last post I made on Saturday. After posting that, my week went relatively normal. If you’re wondering if anything bad happened to me on Friday the 13, I can’t say it did. The only thing bad about Friday the 13 is the inevitable realization that no matter what you do, what you say, whether or not you manage to make your way out of Earth’s atmosphere and send it careening backwards a few days (I don’t think that’s possible but who cares), there will always be a Monday the 16th. Sure enough, that day has come and passed, along with Tuesday the 17, Wednesday the 18, and Thursday the 19. Alas, a good portion of Friday the 20th has also passed, and I can now look forward to a fantastic 3 day weekend. One during which I can look forward to at least 2 days of sleeping in, late nights filled with programming and Skyping friends, and just being chill.
Well anyway, since I got side tracked and decided to talk about the future, let’s do that thing I said about sending the earth back a few days, and recap on my week.

Sunday was a chill day. Unfortunately, although I skyped Devin, I didn’t do the podcast, so I’ll have to do both episodes tomorrow. But hey, at least they’re getting done, so I guess it really doesn’t matter much if you think about it.
On Monday, I of course went to school. That day, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were almost identical in my routine. Going to school, knocking out homework if there was any to be done, and then programming and skyping or whatever. I have been doing far less programming than the passed two weeks, because I’m now at the stage of the scm where there are only 1 or 2 bugs here and there, and even then those bugs are few and far between. It took Devin 5 to 10 minutes of playing with the software to find one, and I fixed that. I also added the ability to add allies, computer controled players that can kill zombies and be killed as the player can.

Well I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,
P.S. We got 2 or 3 inches of rain from last night to this afternoon. Astounding, right?

what’s been going on with me lately

Hey you guys,
Steve is back.

I took a blogging break, but not a major one. I guess it doesn’t matter really how long I was gone, but the fact that I’m back into it matters more. Well, this blog update will come in two parts, one tonight and one tomorrow because I have quite a bit to tell you.

Today, I will tell you my life events, while tomorrow I will tell you about the project I’m working on, so enjoy!

Basicly, life has been going good for me. Last week was pretty normal, being that I had goalball to attend, homework to complete, and that I had to practice my violin skills. Oh yeah, if you’re curious as to how that’s going, it’s pretty boring as of now. I am optomistic that that will change, though. Really what we are doing now is plucking strings, and we just started with the left hand down, making the notes. If you play string instroments, you get what I’m talking about.
On another note, this week so far was pretty normal as well. Saturday we went to the lake, there were quite a few of us (my parents, my sister and I, my sister’s friend Kristen, and my parents’ friends and their kids all came). It lasted pretty much all afternoon.
Now I guess I should make a confession and excuse to go along with it. Unlike most excuses however, the one I’m about to give you is not a lie to get my way out of trouble. So, here it is:
confession–I haven’t done podcast episode 10
excuse–I have been doing some hard core programming and beta testing on a project that I plan to demonstrate in the podcast release.
More on the program will be talked about tomorrow.

Well so to summarise my last two weeks up, I have been skyping friends, doing homework, going to school, programming, and all that good stuff. I can say however, that I’m glad it’s the weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

P.S. The power went out at school today. People were freeking out at everything, (I guess I can get that because it’s Friday the 13th).
Oh yeah, happy Friday the 13th to you. Don’t let Jason get ya.

how my birthday went

today, I got up, then got read for school. Since it was my birthday, I ate some donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. After that, I went to school like normal. After I went to sixth period, I got picked up, at around 2:15, and me, mom, and dad and Libby went home. When we got there, I opened my presents. I got batteries, an 8 gig flash drive, cds, tapes, a slingshot, an rc heli, and a stomp rocket.
After that, we ate some cake, then my dad left for work, and the rest of us went to Stake N Shake for my birthday dinner. After that, I came home, played with my presents, and watched tv. After that, I got on the computer. That is how my birthday went.


Btw, this is the 200th post! Thanks for erging me to post for so long!!!