official wrap up of 2012, a post of what happened last year, and new hopes and dreams for the up coming one.

It has been a good year for hopefully all of you guys, and definately me. Nothing bad happened to me this year, however I would like to give you a little timeline of major events that happened.

1. January 1, 2012-a brand new year.
2. January 22, 2012-a bloody pitbool attack on my dogs.
3. March 26, 2012 at 3:01 PM, I was officially a teenager.
4. April 3rd, 2012-a tornado outbreak that spawned 17 tornadoes, and wiped out the speedy oil change in Mesquite, *boo-hoo*.
6. May 31, 2012-out of 6th grade…finally.
7. August 27, 2012-into 7th grade I go.
8. September 1, 2012-my friend’s pool party, which turned out to be really fun.
9. September 2, 2012-the last day I had to stay at home alone in the evenings.
10. September 15, 2012-the first day of staying at home alone in the day time.
11. October 19, 2012-my one and only goalball torniment.
This was also when I was on the news.
12. November 4, 2012-the time I went to Austin and had the funnest time I’d ever had there.
13. December 7, 2012-a start of the weekend of my great grandma’s 80th birthday party.
14. December 21, 2012-the end of my first semester, and the day the world was supposed to end.
15. December 25, 2012-one of my favorite Christmases yet.
16. December 31, 2012-the last day of 2012.

Well, here is what I hope for the up coming year:
1. to learn programming.
2. to become fit and lose weight.
3. to be able to ride on a tandom bike at 25 miles per hour without stopping by next January 1st.

I hope you have a great new year, and I hope you had a great old year.

how my day went

Before I start this post, I just wanted to tell you that I hope you had a very good november, and only wish you the best for the coming month.

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I played on the computer, did the dishes, showered, then just messed around on the computer and worked on my project before and after lunch until my mom and sister got home from shopping, I didn’t tell you they went because I didn’t think it would be very important to you.
Well, after that we all went to goalball practice, and just hung out until dinner, ate, then I spent the rest of my night playing on the computer, listening to a book I downloaded, and taking Libby over to her friend’s house with my mom. That is all I did today.
once again, have a great December.

when will there be another chance of rain in north Texas?

The next chance of rain, is Thursday, March 8, 2012. The event starts on Wednesday, but the main storms will occur on Thursday. The event will also take place on Friday, and in all, a heavy rain is expected. Around Mesquite, we could be recieving 1.31 inches according to my After that, the next chance is on March 18. This could bring 0.40 inches, but this could always change. I will update later forecasts, and do more of these kinds of posts as the storm season roles around.