a very hectic week ahead of me

Well, I am back in Austin for the second time this year. I am currently in the computer room in my dorm. This room does work out purfectly, because I can update/inform the viewers of this site about the progress of this week via the how my day went posts. Well, if you are wondering what is so hectic about this week, it is my schedule+the amount of regular school work I must complete. First of all, we have to wake up between 6 and 6:30 every morning. As you probably know, this really doesn’t work out for me. Plus, we don’t even have to be at school until around 8. School here usually lasts until 3 in the afternoon, but we have after school activities at the dorm. Between school and the activities, we only have 1 homework hour a day. I have to read sections 1 threw 4 on chapter 3 in social studies, not to mincion a 3 minute presentation about some indion tribe. Fun fun. Huh?

On top of the social studies work, I have a weeks worth of work in every other class, but I just might be able to get it finished by Thursday night. Don’t worrie, I will still make time to talk to you guys every night. No matter what, you will find out how my week went, whether I actually talk, or write.
Otherwise, I do think it will be a fun week. Finally rid of the sister, mom, and dad for a week, yay!!! (jkjkjkjkjkjkjk)

Well, I guess that I will talk to you on the daily journal entry later on. Even though I have really nothing going on at this point, I shall be logging out now, and doing other things on the computer. Or who knows, I might just take a nap listening to my favorite audio book.

camp summary

Here is how camp went, in a breif summary. I didn’t have my computer, so couldn’t type.

We drove up to camp on sunday morning, and got there in the afternoon. Sunday night, was just the opening saramony, and time to make friends. We also had a dinner picnac.
On monday, we went to the flag pole just before 10:00 (our first activity.) After we did that, we had day activities which were the basics. RNA, which is like PE. Swimming, lunch, acting class, rest period, radio class, and archery. Each activities were an hor at least, so by then it was time for archery.
Tuesday was sort of the same way, except we had horses before rest period, arts and crafts right after it, and ropes for the last day activity. We also had camp out night, so I just hung out with friends at the camp sight, and ate a meet and potato hobo pack for dinner.
Wednesday, we didn’t have any activities before lunch, however the afternoon routine was similar to that of Monday’s. For our night activities, since it was the fourth of july, were TLC (texas lions camp) Idol. Simular to Amarican Idol, but they did acts that got judged. After that was a cool fireworks display (because I could see the flashing and hear the sound.)
On thursday, we had a Tuesday like routine, except at lunch. I had been fighting with this kid Philip, and my counseler Gus told him to tell our team leader. So, I was very angery the whole hour. But, at 1, after lunch, we had nature studies instead of horses.
That night, we had the dance (I danced with one person for a few minutes, but spent most of the time hiding in a corner with my sister.
On friday, we had flag pole like normal, but spent the day packing, and going to the talent show. After several hours of chatting with friends, we ate dinner, had the award saramony, and my mom picked me and my sister. We also car pooled with some friends.
Instead of making the six hour drive, we stopped at a hotel for the night (we left on Saturday morning.)

That is how my camp went.