how to make a great airplain that can fly 21 feat in just about 2.5 seconds!

You know how I have been telling you about the great paper airplains I have been making? I will teach you how to make the airplain I call the wind jet.
I don’t mean this can fly in the wind, but when it is flying, it stays in the air for a fairly long amount of time because of how much air it catches.
Here is how you create it

Things you will need:

1. a piece of notebook paper
2. if you don’t want notebook paper, get a whole punch and punch 3 wholes down the side of the coppy paper or construction paper

Step 1. You grab 1 piece of paper and lay it down on the table or floor or bed that you are working on. You must lay it down where the wholes are going vertically. That means all 3 of them are on the left or right side and going from top to bottom. If you don’t do this, your airplain will not work.
Step 2. Grab the 2 bottom corners and fold them strait twoard the center. Keep doing this until they’re even with eachother.
Step 3. When the corners are even with each other and pointing at the center of the paper (MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH THEM AS FAR AS THEY WILL GO WITH OUT OVER LAPPING EACH OTHER) then crease the 2 corners down.
Step 4. Grab your left corner and pull it to the even line that you created when you folded the corners to the center for the first time.
Step 5. Line it up on that line and then crease it down.
Step 6. Do the same with the right corner. (MAKE SURE THEY MAKE AN EVEN LINE ON TOP OF THE FIRST EVEN LINE)
Step 7. When the paper’s corners are even, fold the paper in half.
Step 8. Crease the fold down very tightly.
Step 9. You should now be holding the airplain to where the pointed nose is pointed to the right of you and the crease is pointed away from you.
Step 10. Grab one of the folded ends of the side of the airplain that is not the crease and fold it all the way back to the crease. Crease it down after that.
Step 11. Keep that side creased down then flip the airplain over to where the crease is pointing toward and the fold you just created is facing the ground.
Step 12. Fold the fold that is pointing away from you back toward the crease.
Step 13. Crease it down. Note: why you are doing all of the folding steps described above, the nose point always has to be pointing to the right of you.
Step 14. Grab the crease and lift the airplain up in your hands. Point the side you aren’t holding up at the ceeling. Note: that is the side right above the crease. That is the first fold in half you made in Step 7.
Step 15. Grab the 2 folded sides you did in steps 10-13 and un fold them. They should now look like wings.
Step 16. Enjoy flying!