3 whole years!

Hey guys,
Steve here.
It’s already been 3 years everyone! And together, we can celebrate another year of this awesome site…
Well yeah, that is true, but let’s cut to the chase. As with all annual posts, I have a stats report to show you guys. If you’d like to compare the stats report below with the one from last year, click here.

  • 757 posts
  • 32 categories
  • 1203 search tags
  • 22 pages

Those are just some of the stats for this blog. However, I have more to talk about than just stats in this post, thus is why that list was so brief.
April 21, 2011 at 5:05 PM, I published my first ever post to this blog. Can you believe that? That means, at the time of this writing, this blog is approximately 3 years and 4 hours old. And yes, believe it or not, most of the views and followers came in the last year! In fact, there were only 44 followers, and 4902 views on April 21, 2013, and that number has since doubled, or maybe even tripled over just this past year… talk about astonishing!
switching topics, let me give you a brief life update (it probably won’t be brief :). But anyway, Wednesday and Thursday of last week were normal days. However, on Friday after school, my family and a few of our church friends went to the lake house.
We stayed the night and came home on Saturday evening. It went mostly the same as last time, except there were quite a few more people, and I didn’t get a sunburn, mainly due to the fact that I had to lather myself with thick layers of sunscreen practically every hour… but it’s better to be safe than sorry… right?
Anyway, the excitement of the weekend didn’t end there. No, after going home, showering, and chilling for the rest of Saturday night, we had to get up at 5:15 in the morning to attend Easter sunrise service at our church. After that, we were there until 12:30, because of Sunday school and regular Sunday morning service.
After church, we met up with Justin, and went to my papa Dutch’s house for easter dinner, where I had pork, sweet potatoes, bread, and candy.
We ended up staying until around 4:30 or so. And after we got home, I took a nap, and woke up thinking it was Monday already. Yes, I actually woke up, panicking at 7:40 last night because I thought it was 7:40 this morning. I didn’t truly know what day it was until 3 minutes later, after getting upset that there was no coffee, and having pulled out a plate, when I absent mindedly checking the date on my watch and realizing it was still Sunday.
Well, the night ended well anyway–a nice energizing cup of warm coffee, and a thunderstorm. Unfortunately however, it wasn’t one worth recording, but none the less it was pleasant to listen to.
As for today, it was your average Monday. I had a doctors appointment, but only missed choir and part of math. However, on a last note, there were 2 more storms today. I didn’t record any of them though.
Moving on, I am excited to tell you that I have our next episode of the Steven D podcast planned out. I will be recording it tomorrow afternoon–so, if you’re subscribed to the feed via a pod catcher or podcast receiver, check that at some point tomorrow. If you’re not subscribed to the feed, however, be sure to check the podcast page.
Well, I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post. I hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading,
type you later,
Ps. I’d just like to thank you guys for putting up with, and reading this blog. I hope it’s been funny, intertaining, informational, and exciting!
You guys have been awesome for putting up with delays, forgetfulness, and procrastination on my part. Even on those 3 week blogging breaks, 2 week gamebook release delays, and month long podcast delays, you guys patiently sat through it all, and had faith in me, knowing that I’d get the job done some how.
Well, if you guys continue to read this blog, you can look forward to more of your favorite posts and content over the coming years.
Thankyou for reading everyone, and have a great week!