Happy 2nd birthday to the blog!

Hey you guys,
Steve again

Can you believe it? Two whole years of this blog have come and gone just like that! Makes you wonder how fast the next several years to come will pass. Huh?

Well, I have as usual to tell you an anual report. If you would like to compare last year’s to this one, click here to view last year’s anual report, along with a few ore posts.

Well, this year’s report is as follows.

  • 4902 views total
  • 654 blog posts
  • 20 pages
  • 22 blog categories
  • 953 search tags

This website has undergone some major changes. If you’ve been in touch with the news page, you know that the site got a real domain (at this time last year, the site was sssjournal.wordpress.com), and that I was also able to get a site upgrade for audio. Another thing, I quit the how my day went posts, since I thought they were quite repetitive and you guys didn’t enjoy them as much. To proove my theory, the day I announced I was quitting them I received 3 followers.
Like I said last year, I amsstill getting posative feedback from you readers. Just remember, keep reading, and I’ll keep posting!

Thanks for reading,
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the blog’s birthday also happens to be on one of my best friend’s birthday! So, wish them both a happy birthday, and have a wonderful day!

severe weather day!

Hey you guys,
steve again.

Do you remember my April 3rd journal entry from last year?
If not, click that link to read it.
Last year, there was a massive tornado outbreak not only in texas, but stretching up into the northwest part of the country. This spawned huge tornadoes, one of which causing a tornado emergency to be issued in Dallas county. Mind you, that was last year. This year, we aren’t in on so much action. This April 3rd I’m afraid is cold, rainy, and dreary like what you’d get in February. What is the forecast for today?
Cloudy with showers likely and issolated thunderstorms with highs in the mid 50’s and northeast winds. What was the forecast last year?
Showers and thunderstorms (a near 100% chance), with some possibley being severe, and it was in the 70’s.
What a difference? The only thing that remains the same is that it will rain this April 3rd like it did last year. There will not however be any severe weather today.

Recap back to last April 3rd.
I don’t know how much I said about last April 3rd in the journal entry, but I will tell you about the day anyway.
So, it started off as any normal day would. I went ahead and went to school, the air was kind of heavy and muggy. It wasn’t that dark outside when I went to school, seen as how the storms weren’t supposed to hit until the afternoon. I wasn’t too woried about the weather, because large hail, damaging wind, and heavy rain were the main threats. There was a small chance for perhaps an issolated tornado or 2, but I wasn’t too concerned.
Last year, I had to pass a window only to get to second period and 5th period. When I went to second, it was still bright outside, and I still wasn’t concerned.
When I went to fifth period however, things weren’t looking too bright. As my friend was walking me to choir, I looked curiously at how dark it had become. I just ultimately assumed a thunderstorm was coming.
It wasn’t until we got well into choir that the omonous storms began to move in. Our choir teacher, MS McQueen was having to get on to us because the class was being bad. We were fixing to start writing sentences, and I had just bent my knees to sit down when it happened.

Out of the blue, the tornado sirens began blaring. At first, I wondered if it was the weekly test. “How could that be though? It is Tuesday at like 1:15,” I wondered in my head.
That is when a rumble of thunder crashed outside, and I realised it wasn’t a test. The class got quiet as Ms McQueen went to take a look outside. When she came back in the room, she instructed us to quiet down in case the principal were to say something. I sat there shaking in fear in case it were to tornado.
Though the weather was pretty bad, we were still able to go to 6th period. My friend took me passed the window and I could barely see any light. It was dark, black, and omonous outside.
During 6th period, most of the classes had to sit out in the hallway. Sence I was in a science class, we sat under the table and I cracked jokes with my friends because we were all kind of scared. We had to leave for 7th period a few minutes late, because the storm warning had expired.
I didn’t know this until recently, but the reason we were under the tables in 6th period was due to that tornado emergency. Sixth period is in the 2:00 hour, and the tornado emergency was issued at 2:01 p.m for Mesquite, Dallas, and I can’t remember the other city.
Well, 7th period seemed normal. There was only one omonous sign throughout the period–the fact that so many people were leaving school early.
Here is where the situation gets to a breaking point.
As I sat in my class drumbing my fingers on the desk absent mindedly, the principal comes on the intercom. “All students riding the bus cannot leave school until the weather clears up. These students must remain in their classrooms until the teacher dismisses them,” he says.
That showed me something was going on.
“What?” a kid in my class asked.
“He’s just trying to keep you safe,” replied the teacher.

Sence I don’t like to get through all of the crowds, I leave a couple minutes early. I left that day about 3:19, expecting a thunderstorm to be on the way. When I emerged in the front, I heard hail pinging on the metal roof. It was so dark at this time, it looked like the sun was 2 minutes away from being totally gone.
Soon, the hail stopped. i thought that meant the storms were over, that is until this happened.
My sister came out of her theater class about 3:25, and we emerged into the stormy afternoon. The air was still, heavy, and warm. It wasn’t even raining or anything. It was a sort of serene; calm. There was only 1 or 2 raindrops, and absolutely no wind what so ever. The only thing that was off was that it had got even darker now. Now, it looked like 20 seconds before it got pitch black. This was freeking me out just a bit.
As soon as I climbed into the front seet of my mom’s car, the sirens began wailing. It got even darker to the point where you could just see the smallest bit of light, and the principal came on again. “All students and teachers, leave any exterier…” I shut the door, and my mom started driving before he could finish.
The worsed of it was over after that. That evening, it continued to thunder through about 8:00 PM, but no more tornadic storms came over our area.

I’m afraid that our story has come to a close. I do know that this april 3rd will not be nearly as hectic, but it will be way colder than last.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

Weather forecast from April 21-27 2012

Here is your forecast for mesquite
on saturday, the weather will be Sunny with the highs in the lower 70’s. winds will be from the north 5 to 10 mph.
Please listen to the rest of the forecast below

Audio player not working?

how my day went

Today at school was a busy one. We had the animal presentation witch talked about different animals and there adaptations. We also didn’t rotate. I am a 5th grader and we rotate 3 classes. Here is the order of our rotations. 1. reading/social studies. The teacher is M.S. Candler. 2. science/language arts. Teacher is named M.S. Quinn. 3. mathematics teacher M.S. Devers. Well, the math rotation is my home room. That is the room we stayed in all day. Before the animal presentation, we did rock climbing a tredition we have when the taks test is coming. Then, after those 2 things, we did not much of anything. I just read all day. Then at the end of the day I went home at 2:55 PM and just listened to the weather forecast. Now, I am hear blogging.