Severe Weather Day Once Again Lives Up to Its Title

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As it turns out, as shown by the post title, Severe Weather Day once again lived up to it’s title. With tornadoes and flooding spanning the central United States, April 3 definatly brought some dangerous weather to the area.
As reported by cnn, a ST. Louis suburb awoke to a small ef1 tornado, and most of the central U.S was under a flood watch. Additionally, there has also been snow on the northern portion of this storm system.
Meanwhile, closer to where I live, an aproaching dryline, cold front, and lots of atmospheric instability set the stage for a rather nasty severe weather outbreak for parts of Texas, and I believe Arkansas. As an example of how bad the weather was, Denton county Texas was slammed by 4 rounds of significant storms–containing upto grape fruit sized hail, and at one point a tornado. Also while on the subject of tornadoes, a potentially violent tornado is believed to have wripped through hunt county; and the storm responsible for that tornado has prompted tornado warnings in Delta and Hobkins counties until 9:15, at least that is the last of it I heard.
In the metroplex, however, things are winding down. Thankfully, Dallas county dodged the bullet today… but will we be so lucky next time? With situations such as this one, no one can tell. Because as you guys know, not much severe weather was expected yesterday evening. The forecast changed and expected some severe thunderstorms to develop along the dryline this afternoon, however the tornado watch itself wasn’t issued until 1:50.
This reminds me of April 3 two years ago. Not only did the tornado watch get issued right before storms began forming, but severe weather like tonight’s wasn’t even expected. The dry line is coming threw way later than was previously thought yesterday. In fact, the weather differs so much from yesterday’s forecast, that yesterday the forecast said that there were supposed to be fire weather conditions this afternoon. And yet we’re still under some moist and unstable air, at 9:15?
Well all I have left to say is that if I ever doubted the title of “Severe Weather Day” for April 3, the doubt has vanished. April 3 is still called severe weather day, at least for me. And just as a historical note, the super tornado outbreak occurred on April 3, 1974, when 148 tornadoes spawned over 13 states. And, of course, let’s not forget that good ol’ outbreak of April 3 2012, the one that spawned 17 tornadoes; and though no one died, 30 people were enjured.
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P.S. Though more storms are possible this weekend, none of them are expected to be like the ones this afternoon and evening. And as I learn more about the storms today, I’ll post about it in future blog posts.

how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, my mom, my sister, and I went over to my aunts house to get the girls’ hair cut and see the kittens. I hung out with my cousin Thomas until we left. When we did that, I came home and monitured the weather, played on the computer, ate dinner, then put up my clothes. Then, I played on the computer some more and with the cat. Then, I showered and listened to my audio book until I got on the blog. BTW, just as I was typing about 3 sentences back, the kitty jumped on the bed beside me. He wanted me to tell you, “meow meow meow meow purhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr!!!”

watch out for bad weather this week

dangerous weather is possible this week in north texas. This here is just another post about bad weather, so read it to see the summary of the weather that is possible, and to stay warned. <a href=""> Read More...

Starting tonight, severe weather will spread across the northern portion of Texas. Expect large hail, damaging winds, and dangerous lightning to accompany these storms. These will last threw the evening, before giving way to sunshine tomorrow. But, storms return tomorrow night, and stick around threw Tuesday. Then, expect a break for the day on Wednesday, with storms rolling back into the forecast for late thursday night and into friday.

it’s here!

Well, I hope I prepared you enough with my severe weather updates the last several days, but the weather is here today. Storms are already beginning to form, and they will affect the metroplex this morning. Expect large hail and damaging winds to be the main threat, but an icelated tornado is possible. Let’s just pray that doesn’t happen.
Any way, thanks for reading the dayly updates of the weather. I have done all I can to warn you, so be careful outside today.