Monday’s musings 5: breaks… why must they end so quickly?

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Why do breaks have to end so fast? Doesn’t it seem like one day you are getting out of school, or work or whatever, only to have to return the next day, when in truth it has been like 2 and a half weeks? That’s sure how it felt to me this Christmas break. There was that short time where I hadn’t the stress of school, and where I could sleep in, play computer games all day, and stay up late at night.
At the beginning of almost every break, I don’t know why, but I always have the same dream. In this dream, something happens to me (usually some sort of coma), causing me to miss out on all but the last 1 or 2 days of the break. And for some reason, I feel similar to the way I do during that dream tonight–like I missed out on part of the break, when in truth it’s just because the fact that 17 days passed by in the blink of an eye.
I find it funny how time flies when you’re having fun. I find it funny how when there’s nothing to stress about, an absence of responsibility, and time to relax and forget about the world, how time zips by, yet when life is hard, when you have school or for adults work, time crawls and even seems to sit in one place. Why is that? Why can’t it be reversed?
I will continue to think about this as I wrap up this post. I will wonder why it has to be this way as I climb into bed, and I will wish for time to travel backwards when I have to get up and face the world and complicated reality of school. And then, I’ll wait the agonizingly long wait for another speedy but much appreciated break from school.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

Life updates and a weather wrip-off

Hey guys,
Steve here.

It’s Monday, yet it has already been half the school week. Tomorrow we have school, and then we’re done!

Last weekend, the good weekend it was, ended in a great disappointment. You know that winter storm I was so excited about? Turns out, the prediction was off by 3 degrees; if it had been just a simple 3 degrees colder we would’ve been slammed by unprecedented winter precipitation. In total, one half inch or greater amounts of rain fell across North Texas. According to this artical on the RAL Weather Center website, we could’ve been dealing with between 1.5 and 5 inches of snow, thus leading to a rare and potentially significant storm, one that would certainly reach Winter Storm Warning criteria.
Unfortunately however, the forecast changed approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes after update two of my storm monitoring update was posted to the Weather forecasts page at 6:45 PM CST. Basically, meteorologists decided at last minute that the ground would be too warm to sustain any winter precipitation accumulations, and it turns out no precipitation of that type fell where I live anyway. Although there is the possibility for snow flurries tonight, as stated by my NOAA weather radio, school will most definitely not be canceled for tomorrow, a pretty sucky thing since my school district is like the only one in school this week.

Changing subjects, I have been doing good, but rather cold this Monday and the recent weekend. On Saturday after posting that blog post, I went bowling as promised, and scored 117 points. And, as if the day couldn’t have been any more predictible, I spent the rest of the afternoon, you guessed it, chillin’.
Yesterday, after going to church in that windy blustery weather, I got to chill because I had no sister around, :). I did the following productive things yesterday:
-became a second year student at hogwarts (on the game I play that is supposed to simulate hogwarts, you have to become a level 15, defeat Voldemort, and you advance a year. After the normal seven years at Hogwarts, your title changes to wizard, and eventually god, and I don’t know what from there).
-Took a nap. I consider this a rather productive activity; it recharges your energy level, so you can be ready for the next chapter of your life.
-Figured out what I want to do for my history project and how I’m going to do it.
-Went to church
-Okay, not sure why I’m adding this to my list. This isn’t something productive I did, but I just needed a fifth thing :)).
As for today, I was very tired. A major factor in this was probably the fact that it was almost as dark as night time all day long, it was raining, and it was freezing cold. Inexcusable act(s) of pure stupidity I committed are as follows:
-wore a light sweater to school.
-went to Starbucks and got myself a large frozen coffee drink before having to go outside in this weather. That made my perception of the temperature, or wind chill, someware in the 5 to 10 degree range.
As for right now, I am just lieing hear, typing this blog post. I have nothing else to do for the rest of the evening, except putting up my laundry. *groans* But then again my mom did have to fold, wash, and dry it all for me, so I have the easy task really :))).
Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. The next time I blog will likely be sometime during the break. But just encase it’s not before Friday:
travel safe, eat lots of turkey, stay warm, enjoy thanksgiving, and have a great week!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,