Monday’s Musings 2: To Be Like My Cat For Just One Day… Do I Really Want That?

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Often times, I wish nothing more than to be like my cat. Small; impervious to the world around me, living a stress free lifestyle. Though I know that as a cat I wouldn’t have the good parts of the human life, but nor would I have the bad parts.
Although the stress of the past week has fallen off my shoulders (I’ve turned in my history project, finished the Spanish exam, and got that choir concert out of the way), there’s still another long week of school to get through. If only I could be a cat for a day…
The pros to being a cat are as follows:
1. Their only stresses are “when am I going to get more food?” “My gosh… I want out of this room I’m trapped in!”, “Errrrrrrrg! Won’t these people stop petting me already?”, “Dang it, there’s no soft bed for me to lie on.”, and, for some cats anyway *puts emphasis on his cat Bell*, “Ah man, there’s nothing to play with! *swishes tail threw the air in frustration*.”
2. If I were a cat, I wouldn’t have a care in the world. News and world events could happen, and I’d just meow in disgust at the urgent-sounding talkers.
3. I would be small–so, if I ever wanted alone time (not that I don’t get any in our current world, but there’s always going to be someone calling my name at one point or another), I could just go hide in a secret out-of-the-way place.
3. I could run real fast, and for long distances.
4. I could eat, drink, sleep, and do whatever else I wanted to do at any time of the day or night.
5. There would be no responsibilities; no one telling me what to do all the time.
6. I could lay around being lazy all day, and nobody would make any unnecessary remarks. (We are all lazy some times)

As with all luxuries, there are some major catches. They’re as follows:
1. As a cat, I’d be looked down upon by every human being or other living creature in the world, except rodents, small insects, and fish.
2. As a cat, I would miss out on great family moments. I would not participate in any traditions, memories, or celebrations.
3. As a cat, unless a show called “Dog With a Blog” that plays on Disney channel were real, and happened to cats too, I couldn’t do my favorite thing, writing and blogging.
4. As a cat, I would drink and eat the same things every single day.
5. As a cat, I couldn’t reach out for help. Therefore, if I was unlucky and got adopted into an abusive family, there would be no way out for me.
6. I couldn’t communicate. Thus, if I was feeling ill, and it turned out to be serious, I couldn’t just ask my mom or dad to take me to the doctor.
7. When people did get a hold of me, I could never tell them to “let me go” or “stop touching me.” This is especially bad for my cat Bell, who never expresses her frustrations by sound.
8. If I were lost or in danger, I couldn’t just pull out the good ol’ cell and call up Mom or dad and ask them to help me.
9. I could never check the weather forecast before I went outside. So if baseball sized hail or a tornado or even just rain were coming, harsh luck to me. God, I wish there were a cat weather forecast on Because then if I were a cat, it could issue “messed up fur advisories” that would tell me when not to go outside so I would not get caught in the rain or other fur ruining stuff that would be coming down.
10. I would be so vulnerable out on my own. If a big dog comes out of some old rundown yard, I’m done.

Basically, even though I get stressed (and I’m almost positive you do too), I would rather stay human. Because after all, the cons out way the pros, and a life with lots of good things and some stress would be better than a life with a lot more convenience but a lot more stress and danger. Of course, at least for me, there will always be times I forget this, and wish as I said I did at the beginning of the post that I could be a cat, if only for one day.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

updates and future plans

my cat hacks up a hairball, a wasp gets in my house, my dad takes me on a bike ride, and my mom takes me swimming, find out how this all went down, and how I got my cat to be okay again, it's pretty intresting!

Hey you guys,
Steve again.

I’ve had a pretty good week so far. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything worth blogging about until today, when 2 rather not fun things popped up and I did something else besides relaxing last night.

So yeah, all I did was relax sunday, monday, tuesday, and for the most part of wednesday. 2 of those mornings, I stayed up until 2:30 and 3:30 playing my game, swamp. By the way, I just so happen to be a level 14 on the game, and found out the game has graphics.
Here are the graphics that I know:
a moving t is a zombie and the purple sircle is you.
On another note, let’s talk about yesterday and this morning.
First, I went swimming at my grandparents’ house for about 4:30 to 9. It was pretty fun–I swam, ate chicken and fried potatos, and had a nice long conversation with my papa Dutch about space, weather, and just random stuff. Since he was an air traffic controller, I guess he knows about that stuff. He even told me that the speed of sound was 756 knots.
Well, after that fun little evening, I came home and the nasty thing happened.
My dad came home around 11, let my cat in, and he started hacking. me and dad thought he was hocking up a hairball, and sure enough it stopped. When he came in however, he sat in the middle of the floor like he wasn’t feeling good. It’s not like my cat to just sit there in the middle of the floor like that, so I picked him up and brought him to my bed. There, he started the hacking again, and I did something I’m sure noone I know would ever do to save there life–I squeezed him. I was actually glad to have to clean that up, because I knew my cat was done hacking. I mean, he’d been doing it for an hour, so I knew I had to help him get it out so he could propperly meow and purr again.
So, thanks to me, he’s normal this morning…and feeling well.

The next thing that happened was the 4th wasp in my house. It watched over me while I was eating, until dad killed it.

Other than that, me and dad went on another bike ride this morning, and ran a few errands and hung out. For the rest of the day, I just plan to hang out with good ol’ dad and maybe go to my friends (I don’t know, just about a 30% chance).
For further future plans, I don’t know what I will do tomorrow, probably the same things as today, and Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I really don’t know what I will do. Thursday, we might go to the lake for the 4th of July, and we’ll still be there on Friday. Saturday July 6, I will definantly blog, because you won’t get to read my awesome award winning blog posts for a whole 5 or even 6 days!

Last, I will try to do a video recording of me playing swamp, and it will also be audio. Hopefully I can include music… I don’t know when that will happen or even if it will. I will for sure edit this post when I record that, so read back on it often.

Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home, played on the computer, did chores, ate dinner, then snuggled with the cat because it is his birthday (Trashua). After that, I finished the after dinner part of my chores, then posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.

Happy birthday kitty

I would like to wish my cat a wonderful 8th birthday today. I can still remember the day I got him which was Friday, December 24, 2004, 6 weeks after he was born. Since I don’t know the exact date but know what time frame (nov 7-12) he was born, I celebrate the birthday on the 12th. Please like if you are a wordpress user or comment if you are not one if you wish him a happy birthday!

what’s happening

Well, there’s not much to say at this point. As you probably know, by reading my recent how my day went posts, life is average. The only anoying thing about it is, my september alergies. It almost seems that they will never leave me alone, and that they will come every september. Last week, they did make me throw up early one morning, it was either Wednesday or Thursday. Well, there is also something intresting to tell you guys about. Bell, our little kitten is getting fixed tomorrow. I wonder how that will feel, especially since she won’t be able to play around very much. As a matter of fact, she is attacking Trashua at this very moment. I can’t believe how much she loves to do that. It is as if she loves making him scream at her, because that is what he always ends up doing.
If you are wondering about Newton and Fatsie (Cassie) my two dogs, they are doing well. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to say about my passed and near future. Besides the fact that Iam stressed out from school, there isn’t much to say.
I do have to tell you, that I am making a C on my progress report for reading. Now, this isn’t something I would go bosting about to all my friends, but to whoom is currently on this site, you know now. Congradulations! You have just figured out my sucky grade in reading class. The good news is, that I am making a 90 in math. Yeah, that is pretty awesome, but it isn’t awesome that 2 of my books have been lost in that class. I am still loving seventh period. In a Daily Language review quiz we took on friday, not one person passed. That was because I hadn’t turned it in yet, since I give ms Seltzer my flashdrive on Mondays. I have givven it to her today, and hope to find that grade by 7th period tomorrow.
I am pretty sure you are thinking, “I am gonna follow this blog, so I can make fun of every bad grade Steven ever makes on his school progress reports and report cards!”
Well, sorry to bust your bubble, dash your hopes, or bum you out, but you’re very wrong. I just shared 3 grades with you, but that doesn’t mean anything. I will still keep posting to this fabuless website, but I won’t tell you every grade of every week of every 6 weeks for the rest of the year, just to let you know that right off hand.
Well, that is all I have for today, so you better have a good day yourself. Thankyou!

how my day went

Today, I got up and played on the computer for a while. Then, I did the elliptical, ate lunch, and messed around on the computer until me and libby played cards. Then, I ate a snack, we played cards again, then we had to find the kitten because she got lost. After that, I sat outside for a while, played on the computer, then ate dinner.
After dinner, I listened to my book, made crafts, and then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went, warning, this won’t be long and descriptiv, because there wasn’t much to talk about

Today, I just pretty much ate, and played on the computer. There were times when I’de relax and listen to an audio book, and hang out with my sister. Also, I spent some time playing with the cat, and talking on the phone.

how my day went

today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home, and got on the computer. Then, i got ready to work out but decided not to because my eye pod wasn’t charged, so I went up into my room until I had to put the clothes away. Then while I put them away, I listened to 1080 KRLD A.M. Then, I ate dinner. After dinner, I played upstairs for a while, then showered, played with the cat, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.