what’s been going on with me lately

Hey you guys,
Steve is back.

I took a blogging break, but not a major one. I guess it doesn’t matter really how long I was gone, but the fact that I’m back into it matters more. Well, this blog update will come in two parts, one tonight and one tomorrow because I have quite a bit to tell you.

Today, I will tell you my life events, while tomorrow I will tell you about the project I’m working on, so enjoy!

Basicly, life has been going good for me. Last week was pretty normal, being that I had goalball to attend, homework to complete, and that I had to practice my violin skills. Oh yeah, if you’re curious as to how that’s going, it’s pretty boring as of now. I am optomistic that that will change, though. Really what we are doing now is plucking strings, and we just started with the left hand down, making the notes. If you play string instroments, you get what I’m talking about.
On another note, this week so far was pretty normal as well. Saturday we went to the lake, there were quite a few of us (my parents, my sister and I, my sister’s friend Kristen, and my parents’ friends and their kids all came). It lasted pretty much all afternoon.
Now I guess I should make a confession and excuse to go along with it. Unlike most excuses however, the one I’m about to give you is not a lie to get my way out of trouble. So, here it is:
confession–I haven’t done podcast episode 10
excuse–I have been doing some hard core programming and beta testing on a project that I plan to demonstrate in the podcast release.
More on the program will be talked about tomorrow.

Well so to summarise my last two weeks up, I have been skyping friends, doing homework, going to school, programming, and all that good stuff. I can say however, that I’m glad it’s the weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

P.S. The power went out at school today. People were freeking out at everything, (I guess I can get that because it’s Friday the 13th).
Oh yeah, happy Friday the 13th to you. Don’t let Jason get ya.

back again

Hello you guys,
I’m Back. No, I didn’t die, get abducted by some foren alion, and I didn’t get grounded. I just took a break from the good ol’ blog for a while. Isn’t it great to read my plesent writing more, and bask in the words on the pages and posts of the website? Well, if so, you are in luck. I am back to update this blog again. Here are some changes however.

  • the how my day wents are over

Yep, I said it. The how my day wents are over.

Stop Crying!!! That doesn’t mean you will have to give up the luxury of reading these high class posts, oh certainly not! I will still blog very often, its just that I was kind of tired of posting the same thing every day. Judging by my stats, you were too. So, I will stop that, yet I will post quite often. Your mail box will be clogged with updates to “steven d aka severe storm steve.” Later, I will tell you about my weak. For now however,
talk to you later.