Monday's Musings 15: How has our world come to this?

Hey guys,
Steve here.
Wasn’t it some thousands of years ago that we were nothing but clueless cavemen? Wasn’t it just a few thousand years ago, that us humans didn’t even know a way to communicate with each other? And I’m sure, that thousands of years ago, we didn’t have any of the technology we do today… so how did our world become how it is?
I understand there were lots of years, and lots of time for us to adapt to this world. But how did we figure it out? It seems like we went from the baby stage, all the way to the grown up stage as time went on, but with no parent to guide us.
I wonder how it all got started. Could it be that the first man alive began eating anything and everything he could, deciding what tasted right and what didn’t? Could it be that he died from eating something poisonous?
And what about other people. Clearly a whole world couldn’t be created by just one lonely man walking around the earth, there had to be someone else. And how did they take care of themselves? How did they know how to keep themselves and their children alive?
I ask questions like that… yet I’m typing on this laptop, who was created by those same humans, just several thousand years ago. Isnn’t it amazing how we figured out all this? How we came from cavemen to this?
I guess the answers to my questions remain a mystery. All I know, however, is that if I had to be that unfortunate first man on earth, I would probably still be walking around, trying all the different plants to see what tasted good, and wondering how in the heck I got here.
Thanks for reading,
type you later,