Steven D Podcast Episode 28: When Blazing Your Way Through Fails Spectacularly (BK3, part 10)

Welcome to part 10 of the BK3 series!

Today, King Godlord gets an epic dose of his own medicine when despite his usual attempts to kill all things, he is owned more times than in any other episode. Seriously, I think I died more times here than any other part of this series thus far!

Oh yeah, and the game also crashed and made me repeat a level. 😀

Anyways though as I said in the episode, please let me know if you’d prefer I go back to streaming these, instead of just prerecording them. Next bk3 episode will be episode 30!

Steven D Podcast Episode 27: the mash master of the big red button

The Steven D Podcast is back from break, and it’s off to a great start! In this episode I check out Sequence Storm for the first time, a unique and highly addictive rhythm racing game.
Though the game itself was a lot of fun, perhaps more so was all the support (and lack thereof) I got from my listeners. Thanks all of you for interacting and making this the blast it was! If you didn’t tune in to the initial stream, itself, you definitely won’t want to skip out on this one!

Steven D Podcast Episode 17: Struck em Down to the Ground

They came at me – and one by one, with one hit, I punched ’em to the ground!

They flew all around me with their shining, false glory. They shot at me, did their best to take me down… but nah. I shot ’em to the ground.

In this episode, I played two more Japanese audio games, both of which with titles ending in “Strike”, and each boasting pissed-off protagonists tasked with the satisfying job of destroying things.

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