what’s happening

Well, there’s not much to say at this point. As you probably know, by reading my recent how my day went posts, life is average. The only anoying thing about it is, my september alergies. It almost seems that they will never leave me alone, and that they will come every september. Last week, they did make me throw up early one morning, it was either Wednesday or Thursday. Well, there is also something intresting to tell you guys about. Bell, our little kitten is getting fixed tomorrow. I wonder how that will feel, especially since she won’t be able to play around very much. As a matter of fact, she is attacking Trashua at this very moment. I can’t believe how much she loves to do that. It is as if she loves making him scream at her, because that is what he always ends up doing.
If you are wondering about Newton and Fatsie (Cassie) my two dogs, they are doing well. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to say about my passed and near future. Besides the fact that Iam stressed out from school, there isn’t much to say.
I do have to tell you, that I am making a C on my progress report for reading. Now, this isn’t something I would go bosting about to all my friends, but to whoom is currently on this site, you know now. Congradulations! You have just figured out my sucky grade in reading class. The good news is, that I am making a 90 in math. Yeah, that is pretty awesome, but it isn’t awesome that 2 of my books have been lost in that class. I am still loving seventh period. In a Daily Language review quiz we took on friday, not one person passed. That was because I hadn’t turned it in yet, since I give ms Seltzer my flashdrive on Mondays. I have givven it to her today, and hope to find that grade by 7th period tomorrow.
I am pretty sure you are thinking, “I am gonna follow this blog, so I can make fun of every bad grade Steven ever makes on his school progress reports and report cards!”
Well, sorry to bust your bubble, dash your hopes, or bum you out, but you’re very wrong. I just shared 3 grades with you, but that doesn’t mean anything. I will still keep posting to this fabuless website, but I won’t tell you every grade of every week of every 6 weeks for the rest of the year, just to let you know that right off hand.
Well, that is all I have for today, so you better have a good day yourself. Thankyou!

what’s happening

So, I am back for another one of those “what’s happening posts” (you can see the one at this link
Well, here is what’s happening now. So, as you know, I started school this week. It hasn’t been too bad, but I’m not liking social studies. I have trouble taking notes because she talks too fast, and I just am not a big fan of that subject. Most of my other classes are going good, especially Ms. Seltzer’s class and Ms. Lyttaker’s class (6-7th period), because I love those teachers. I also am liking tech, but that I shivver just thinking about the temperature of that room. See, I have this talking thermometer, and if I put it in there, it probably would read 25° there. I heard the reason was because they had to keep the computers cool, but I really wish it could be at least a little warmer.

As far as pe goes, I am doing good there, and spend most of my time playing with bouncy balls or typing on my computer. That is all I have about school.

my home life

As far as home goes, it is good. I haven’t had it bad so far, (you know about the stevend.net domain.) I also got a space upgrade from 1 to 5 gigabites, so I will have more uploading room on this website. My cats Trashua and Bell are doing fine (Bell is still very rowdy.) I don’t have much planned over the next week, besides the fact that my parents are going on vacation to New Orlines, the area recently hit by hurricane Issac, (I bet you’ve heard that on the news.)
Well, this wraps up the month of august, as well as this post. I will continnue to post the journal entries, as well as the other regular things that go on this blog. Please stay intune, and if you aren’t a follower, please become one.