severe weather update

Hello, I promiced that I would post you guys an update to the severe weather that is expected this weekend. On saturday night, there is a chance of severe weather to the western areas, and this could affect our weather in the metroplex and points east on sunday. If this does happen, only heavy rain and flash-flooding are expected on Sunday.

rainfall summary

In the big rain/storm event that occured on Monday-Tuesday, on the week of the spring equinox, areas of north Texas saw at least 3 inches of rainfall.
Areas to the north and west saw 3 to 5 inches, while down south and east, isalated amounts upto 7 inches were reported whitch caused major river and small stream flooding. These storms moved threw Monday night and early Tuesday as an upper level low pressure storm system slowly moved across the region. Thunderstorms with heavy rain trained over cities and counties, inabling flash flooding conditions to evolve. So far, we have had around a foot of rain this entire year, and lake levels are up now, just in time for the spring season.