Would calling today the weirdest day of the centry be an over exaggeration?

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

Okay so I had an extremely weird afternoon. It literally started right after school–and even though what happened put me in a bad mood then, it makes me laugh now, just about 4 and a half hours afterward. I even remember thinking, “Even though I’m mad right now, I’ll be laughing by the time I blog about this.”

So what made this day so weird you ask? Well first, I forgot my violin in seventh period, and didn’t even remember I left it there until I sat down on the bus and it was too late to get it. I mean come on, couldn’t I have realized that it was missing before then? No.
So with that going on, I came home and my mom was out getting her hair done. Unfortunately, my phone was dead, because my sister switched my iPhone cord out with one that actually doesn’t work, so even though I plugged my phone in all day, it didn’t charge.
Next, my mom and I had to drive up to the school when she got home, get the violin, and come back home.

Around this time, we were deciding what to eat for dinner. We decided on cDonalds, so I figured that since the orchestra concert was tonight that I’d practice before dinner. Well, I changed clothes and settled in to my chair, and then she asked me if I was ready to go. Well of course I wasn’t, so I just put on something people wouldn’t look at and then turn away, but the shirt I grabbed was a tank top. Even in Texas, who wears a tank top to McDonalds in the middle of freeking November?

Well it pretty much went normal after that until we were getting ready to go to the concert. My mom and I spent fifteen freeking minutes looking for a pair of black pants because I thought we were supposed to wear those for the concert. Here’s the end result of that
1. I ended up wearing Navy blue.
2. We saw at least two people wearing khaki.

Other than that, the concert ended up being a great success. Even my mom, who I taught a song in 5 or less minutes (I’m proud of that), was able to pull it off at the end of the concert when all the parents had to play one of our songs.

Nothing really weird has happened since then, unless you count the fact that I had to clean up a bag of lunch meet smelling dog treets after they spilled when I was feeding the dogs earlier.
If you ask me, I really don’t know what to call this day. Was it good? Bad? Normal? Okay no it was NOT normal what so ever.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

Updates, part 2

Hey you guys,
Steve again.

As I promised, I am finishing the blog update.

Like I said, I am here to talk about the program I am creating. It’s a utility called Swamp campaign creator, (listen to podcast episode 4 and 5 to hear some recordings of swamp being played). Basicly, swamp is a game where you walk around a town killing zombies. To learn more, go to Jemery Kaldobsky’s games website where the game is stored along with some useful info and other software. Well, there is more to swamp than just killing zombies. There is a thing called “campaigns,” which are custom adventures players can script that will run in swamp. For example, one who wanted to script a campaign could make something from an egg hunt campaign, to a more complicated mission or even an episode series of missions.
Unfortunately, there is a catch. That is that you have to learn the scripting language in order to create campaigns, which unmotivated me to even create a campaign, despite how cool it sounded. So, I created, or recreated the swamp campaign creator. Let me tell you some history of this project.

About a year ago, a guy from the audio games .net forum decided to create the swamp campaign creator. I was one of the first to try this out, and found that there were some major faults:
1. The thing didn’t allow you to create zombies in your campaign.
2. The campaign didn’t write to any file, so it didn’t type any script.
3. The way he coded it, all the script would’ve been put on one line, and that is prohibited in the swamp campaign scripting language.
4. I accidently removed the program from my computer, and when I tried to get it again, the thing was gone and replaced with a message that he was going to update it and that the link had been removed.

Let me just say, this happened 6 months ago, the audio games thread it was posted on has been dead for 2 months now, and I got tired of waiting honestly because I asked a question or 2 about it and never got a response. That’s why I recreated it. I will not put it on the audio games forum at this time, well just in case he ends up updating it in the future.
For now, I will just post a link to the software so people who play swamp and visit my site can try it out:
Download the latest swamp campaign creator
Information about what this program does to
aid the process of campaign creation can be found in the help file.

Now on to some other life things that happened that I left out in last night’s post:

I got these cool head phones. They are not only noise canseling, but they have a lot of base and good quality. I’m really enjoying them, especially when playing my games because they can penpoint enemies and items better.
Also, me, my dad, my sister, and Grandpa went to the rangers game today. They lost 1 to nothing, and the game ended real fast because noone was hitting runs or anything. It just seemed like it was back to back outs from the time we got there to when we left, but it was still exciting to watch anyway.

Well, I guess that about wraps up my blog update. I will hopefully do the podcast tomorrow, seen as how I went practicly streight from goalball to the Rangers game.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

astonishing monthly wrap up plus life update

Hey guys,
steve again.

May 2013 has been the best month by far for views. In this post, I am going to tell you about that, a true prediction, and some life updates. Please enjoy.

Starting with the blog, I am going to tell you some stats I’ve collected as of this morning at 9:20 AM.
First of all, try and take a guess about how many views there were this month alone. This little 31 day period!

If you guessed it right, you are a real lucky person and should go and try for the lottery. The number of views for this month, was 511! Also, there is an average of 17 views per day this month, by far the highest ever seen on the blog. I also recieved 15 followers since April 21. I think the third year has started with a bang! So, keep viewing and showing your loyalty, and I will certainly keep posting.

Now, here is the prediction that came true. If you click the link below, it will take you to the blog post I made in april predicting a tornado outbreak soon because of the temperature jumps.
post where I discuss my hunch about a tornado outbreak coming, and the next few links lead to tornado news about an outbreak that hit.
Also, the post I just linked to about the prediction was April 15, and the outbreak occured on May 15! What in the world?!
Here are the posts:
post 1
post 2
post 3

There are more posts about that from may 16.


On the life note, Things have been running smoothely. On Tuesday night, me and my mom ordered a battery for my personal computer, and while we were on the site we saw an ac adapter for $9.69. I bought the current charger I have for $64, however if we’d just looked on amazon, we could’ve got both the battery and ac adapter for $37.58. I am okay with the charger I have, since it can charge multiple computers and it works fine.
On another note, school is almost out. I remember May 10’s post, blognews and updates or something like that, where I talked about school being 27 days from being over. Now, there are 6 days. Today is the last friday of the whole entire school year, and I bet in 168 hours I will have just gotten up on my first day of Summer vacation. I can’t wait!
Besides that, me, my family, and cat have been doing pretty good. I remember telling you about swamp, the first person shooter I’ve grown addicted to. In fact, the game says I’ve put in over 13 hours and 29 minutes, and I have only had the game for 3 days. Woe… I need to focus more on stranded part 2 then that game. I PROMICE I will work on it this weekend, and like I said before have it on the sight on the 8th. Don’t worry, you will love this game! I will make sure of it!!!

–future life–

I am glad to tell you another thing about the upcoming weekend (besides working on stranded). It is supposed to storm again! I mean large hail, damaging winds, lightning, and heavy rain! So do you know what that means? That means I will hopefully be able to treat you with another storm recording! Also remember that you can visit the natural event recordings page fore a bunch of recordings like the one I want to make tomorrow. It has Wednesday night’s storm, easter storm, plus several tracks I’ve made to sound like awesome storms!

Since I’ve got us going on the future, I must say we won’t be doing a whole bunch of work at school. Monday is the last full school day, Tuesday is an all day tiger bash thing where we’ll get to hang out, socialise, play games and stuff like that. Wednesday we get out at 12:15, and as well as Thursday. Thursday when we get out at 12:15, we have an 80 day (11 week 3 day) break to look forward to. I can’t wait for that!

Well, as a wrap up, I have enjoyed talking to you on this rather long and information filled post. I also would like to thank the 15 new followers this month and late last month, and the people who got the blog 511 views this month alone. You guys enspire me to keep posting and building this site, and me and you visiters worked as a team to get the site as far is it is today–and I’m sure it will keep getting bigger in the future!

Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

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how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, me, mom, and lib had to get Bell from the vet, since she got fixed. Well, when we came home, I did my homework, then ate some dinner. After that, I spent the rest of the evening playing on the computer off and on, doing the kitchen, showering, and playing with Trashua. Then, I posted to my blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up very early because my mom and dad were at work. When I woke up, I just played with the kitties for a while, laid on the couch, then ate breakfast. I spent the rest of the morning playing on the computer, listening to my book, taking a shower, then getting ready for goalball. Then, I ate lunch, and hung out with my sister until my dad got home. Then, I just listened to my book until it was time for goalball. Me, Dad, and Libby went to goalball, had practice for 2 hours, then me and dad dropped libby off at her friend Madison’s house. Not to much later, I joined my sister and her friend at her house while my dad went home to lay down, and the treo of us ate some burgers and fries for dinner. Then, we spent the rest of the evening watching full house, before I posted my journal. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today was one of those relaxed days where both parents had to work. Well, I got up and played on the computer until lunch, because I was trying to beet a game. Then, I did the elliptical, took a break, then played on the computer. I spent the evening playing on the computer more, sitting on the couch, bathing, eating dinner, laid down for a while, did chores, then played on the computer. That is all I did today.

what’s happening

So, I am back for another one of those “what’s happening posts” (you can see the one at this link
Well, here is what’s happening now. So, as you know, I started school this week. It hasn’t been too bad, but I’m not liking social studies. I have trouble taking notes because she talks too fast, and I just am not a big fan of that subject. Most of my other classes are going good, especially Ms. Seltzer’s class and Ms. Lyttaker’s class (6-7th period), because I love those teachers. I also am liking tech, but that I shivver just thinking about the temperature of that room. See, I have this talking thermometer, and if I put it in there, it probably would read 25° there. I heard the reason was because they had to keep the computers cool, but I really wish it could be at least a little warmer.

As far as pe goes, I am doing good there, and spend most of my time playing with bouncy balls or typing on my computer. That is all I have about school.

my home life

As far as home goes, it is good. I haven’t had it bad so far, (you know about the stevend.net domain.) I also got a space upgrade from 1 to 5 gigabites, so I will have more uploading room on this website. My cats Trashua and Bell are doing fine (Bell is still very rowdy.) I don’t have much planned over the next week, besides the fact that my parents are going on vacation to New Orlines, the area recently hit by hurricane Issac, (I bet you’ve heard that on the news.)
Well, this wraps up the month of august, as well as this post. I will continnue to post the journal entries, as well as the other regular things that go on this blog. Please stay intune, and if you aren’t a follower, please become one.

Today, I go up and played on the computer. I spent today just playing on the computer, eating breakfast, messing around on the computer again, listening to my radio, eating lunch,, playing on the computer, watching tv, then listening to my radio. Then, I just hung out around the house until dinner, ate, played on the computer, had a snack, then got on the computer again. That is all I did today.

a very relaxing day!

Today, I got up. It might sound weird, but I just ate, played on the computer, then took a freekin’ nap. After my hour-long nap, I ate lunch. *haha*
Then, I played on the computer, showered, then went to my mom’s work. After that, me and my mom got Mcdonalds, and came home. Then, we ate, I played on the computer, then we played the wii again. After that, I got on the computer. That is all I did today.
Sounds like a very lazy day. Right?