how my day went

today, I got up, ate, then opened my easter guifts. Then, I played with my new bubble gun outside for a while, then came in and got on the computer. Then, I took a shower and we went to nanaa’s house. We had dinner/lunch there, and hung out. When we came home, I just played on the computer, went upstaires, then ate a late dinner. The thing before was lunch, but today’s easter, and so that is why I called it dinner.
After my late dinner, I got on the blog. That is all I did today

today was easter. For easter I got a bumble ball, a gun that I don’t know how to use yet, some fart puddy, and some easter grass. I played with my bumble ball pretty much all day until about 4:30 PM when my Nanna and cousin came over. For easter, my Nanna baught me and my sister some Moka Frappes. I drank some of it and got a brain freeze. Me, my cousin, my sister, and my nanna sat down staires with the puppys. Then me, my sister, and my cousin went upstairs and played with the computer and then went outside for about an hour. Then we went inside. Shortly there after, my cousin and my Nanna left. Then, me and my sister played with the computer and then ate inchalatas for dinner. That is what I did today