a wonderful Fall festival

Hey guys,
Steve here.
It’s the 700th post! I can’t believe that!!!

Today has been a good day. It has been busy, but none the less I have to say it was quite awesome. And as I sit here, propping my feet up on a chair and leaning back comfortably, I once again get to amerce myself into one of my favorite hobbies, blogging.
The day started out with goal ball. Me, being an extreme procrastinator, decided that I was just gonna sleep 45 minutes passed the time I was supposed to get up. So, basically, I didn’t even get to shower; and nor did I get to check my email as I do every morning if I can. It was a “throw on what you can, and shove whatever you can down your throat to keep from being hungry” type of morning.
Despite the rushed start, goal ball practice ended up going very well. I spent the first 30 minutes chunking ball after ball at the walls of the gym, and running after it. For some reason, probably do to the fact that only one other person showed up, the practice in itself wasn’t hard. It was quite repetitive actually; composed of my coaches (one of them being my dad of course) Chucking the ball at me and the other player and us blocking and throwing it back. So even though the activities that went on during practice weren’t in the least bit strenuous, I still ended up tired do to the fact that it was non-stop action for two hours streight.
After practice ended, I got to come home and chill for a few hours. I have a remote control robot, which is very old but high tech and fun to mess with none the less, but unfortunately the buttons on the remote aren’t in braille and nor is there a braille user manual. So, I had to write myself a kind of reference type of thing. I used a motified drawing board that actually turns drawings into raised line drawings so that blind people can feel them just as sited folks see them. Well anyway, I spent two hours outlining my robot’s remote and then typing the button lables into the remote picture, so that I would have them in braille and know exactly what they were called and where they were located on the remote.
Well besides that, after I was finished my dad and sister came home from the advansed goal ball practice, along with a couple of my sister’s friends (it being her birthday weekend and all), and we all went to the fall festival I mentioned on Thursday’s post.
There were several fun games. When we first walked in, there was a really amusing game, that also tasted good. In this game, you and your competitor get a doughnut on a string, and your goal is to see who can eat theirs first without using their hands. Mind you, the doughnut will swing around on the string, so it made it harder to get. I swear to you, that thing was flying around, bouncing off the back of my head and whacking me up side the face. Fortunately, though my sister won the game, I still got to enjoy that delicious doughnut.
After that, there were more games. One of which I had to play as David by throwing a Velcro ball and trying to stick it to the Velcro head of Goliath (I guess to simulate killing him)… and I didn’t get it but came close.
There is really only one other game I want to tell you about, the tick tack toe game I played with some one.
Origionally, nor me or my competitor won the first game, but the second game was different. I started by putting my O in the gop left, and she put her X in the bottom left. I then put my O in the middle of the grid, getting hopeful that I’d win. She really had the chance to stop me their, but of course wasn’t thinking, and decided to put her X in the bottom middle. So, I put mine in the bottom left and won. Now how crazy is that?
After all the games were finished, we had a dinner of corn dogs and stew. We then had a hey ride, and then had to go home before it started raining on us.
Well, unfortunately I’m afraid that I have to end this post because I’be told you all about the festival and frankly I’m starting to get tired :). So,

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

the Busy Life of Steven D

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Choir and orchestra concerts, sporting events, festivals, Halloween…

Okay so maybe I don’t have as much going on as you might’ve thought after reading the title of this post. I have been kind of busy this passed week though.

On Friday, I went to that goal ball tournament I told you I would be going to. I ended up playing on two teams because the Central Texas Avengers were short a player, and thus needed me to play for them. Of the games I played, (1 with the team I was origionally playing for and 2 with the Avengers), my team(s) won 2 of them. I can’t say that I did, because I was on a team of 3 or more people during the whole duration of the tournament. Here’s how the games went:
game 1–I played with Texas Goal ball, the team I was supposed to play with: we won.
game 2–I played with the Central Texas Avengers and we lost.
game 3–I played with the Avengers and we won.

So overall, if you ask me, I think we all did great. Now I’m sure you guys (being sited, or just craving for some form of media) are wanting the pics and video. I have already designed the goal ball 2013 page, and I could do 1 of 3 things, which I will sort out from nicest to meanest.
1–nicest: I could do all that work to get the picture code and video on to this post.
2–not too mean, not too nice: I could put the link for the page on this blog post.
3–making you do all the work: I could tell you to go to the nav bar and look for the page.

I pick the second choice. So, here’s the link:
page for goal ball tournament of 2013
Now, on to more important topics, Let’s talk about sports extravaganza.
When we arrived at the school for sports extravaganza on Saturday morning, it was really cold. Your’s truely, the sometimes full I am, chose to wear basketball shorts in 45 degree weather, with a 15 mile per hour wind blowing and the sun just barely coming up. I even to this day wonder why I had to do that.
Well anyway, after listening to the opening saramony, we started events. Instead of going on a long drawn out speech about the day, because I know that would bore you, I’ll just keep it short and simple.
I had standing long jump, 100 meter race, discus, lunch (that’s the best event ever), a goal ball demo for the audience that I participated in, 200 meter race, and shot put. As far as awards go, I got 3 gold and 2 silver metals. Impressing… right? 🙂
Now before I leave this topic, here’s a picture of me getting a first place award.
getting first place
Besides sports ex, I’ve been having quite a busy week. On Tuesday, my sister, mom and I went to my sister’s orchestra concert. It ended up sounding pretty good, but unfortunately I didn’t get recordings or video to put on the site.
Yesterday, my sister and I attended church, as we normally do every other Wednesday. And finally today, I had a concert of my own, but this time it was choir. My orchestra concert is November 7, so I’d better get that music down, huh?
Well tomorrow, my mom and sister are going to a haunted house with some friends of theirs’. I am not much of a fan of haunted houses, so I opted not to go. So tomorrow I’ll have free rein of the house…
On Saturday, we’ll have goal ball as is always done on Saturday. In case you’ve noticed that my dad hasn’t been a part of this post, it’s because he’s been at work and will be until Saturday when he gets the weekend off. He started this schedule 2 or 3 months ago, but I don’t remember whether or not I told you guys that. Well he’ll be coming to goal ball and coaching it, and joining the rest of us to go to a festival thing. I’m not exactly sure what the festival is, just in case you’re wondering why my description of it was so vage. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of rain on Saturday (I mean a good chance that it will. *crosses my fingers and hopes it doesn’t*
Well basicly, besides that festival, and the orchestra concert, there’s only one thing left to say.
October 28 will be the birthday of my sister, so be sure to wish her a good day. Don’t worry, I’ll try to pick on her as much as possible. 🙂 :)… just kitting.

Well, thanks for reading this post. I really hope you liked it…

Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

P.S. this is post number 699. The next post will be 700, I can’t believe that. And, I reached 8000 views. You guys are really inspiring me to keep going. With the amount of views you’re givving me, likes, and followers, don’t expect me to quit any time soon.

what’s happening

Well, there’s not much to say at this point. As you probably know, by reading my recent how my day went posts, life is average. The only anoying thing about it is, my september alergies. It almost seems that they will never leave me alone, and that they will come every september. Last week, they did make me throw up early one morning, it was either Wednesday or Thursday. Well, there is also something intresting to tell you guys about. Bell, our little kitten is getting fixed tomorrow. I wonder how that will feel, especially since she won’t be able to play around very much. As a matter of fact, she is attacking Trashua at this very moment. I can’t believe how much she loves to do that. It is as if she loves making him scream at her, because that is what he always ends up doing.
If you are wondering about Newton and Fatsie (Cassie) my two dogs, they are doing well. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to say about my passed and near future. Besides the fact that Iam stressed out from school, there isn’t much to say.
I do have to tell you, that I am making a C on my progress report for reading. Now, this isn’t something I would go bosting about to all my friends, but to whoom is currently on this site, you know now. Congradulations! You have just figured out my sucky grade in reading class. The good news is, that I am making a 90 in math. Yeah, that is pretty awesome, but it isn’t awesome that 2 of my books have been lost in that class. I am still loving seventh period. In a Daily Language review quiz we took on friday, not one person passed. That was because I hadn’t turned it in yet, since I give ms Seltzer my flashdrive on Mondays. I have givven it to her today, and hope to find that grade by 7th period tomorrow.
I am pretty sure you are thinking, “I am gonna follow this blog, so I can make fun of every bad grade Steven ever makes on his school progress reports and report cards!”
Well, sorry to bust your bubble, dash your hopes, or bum you out, but you’re very wrong. I just shared 3 grades with you, but that doesn’t mean anything. I will still keep posting to this fabuless website, but I won’t tell you every grade of every week of every 6 weeks for the rest of the year, just to let you know that right off hand.
Well, that is all I have for today, so you better have a good day yourself. Thankyou!

unusual august weather

Last August, there was probably only one day where temperatures even dropped below 90. However, for the passed three days, fall like weather has been going on. Even today, it is expected to be light rain, clouds, and highs around 85. August isn’t over, but with no 100s in the forecast, I cannot be so sure.