have you ever wanted to upload audio to your free wordpress blog but can’t? here is how

Hello, this is severestormsteve. I will tell you the steps on uploading audio to your free wordpress blog. Are you tired of those advertisments and 30 or so day limits that some file hosts give you? Well,is the solution.

1. sign up for an account.
2. in your dashboard, click upload
3. click the button to select your files.
4. when you have the files, click the upload button.
5. A properties dialog will pop up. In the text box, you will see your img tags. In there, there is a url like http://www.fileden.com/files/8177039289/3/10/samplefile.mp3.
6. copy only the url, and nothing else. None of the img tags, only the thing between them.
7. click ok.
8. go and log into your wordpress account.
9. Add or edit a post or page, then add the code in between perenthesies below.

<a href=”link url” title=”link title”></a>
note: as you know, you must paist your url where I put “file url” and your link title where I put “the link title”
10. publish! you are all done, now people can download your audio!!!
Note: you can also do this with other non-permitted filetypes on wordpress.com