how my day went

Today, was the day that the three of us (me, my dad, and my sister) drove to broken bow. We also brought my older brother Broadrik, who as you know is about 20.
When we got there, we spent the afternoon having a good ol time plaing in the lake, riding the boat, (yes, dad brought his boat with us.)
Even though I was hungry, I was still sad that we had to get out of the water for dinner and to shower, because that would be the last time we’d be in until tomorrow. Anyway, I got out, and we all drove to our cabbin. note: that other people in dad’s side of the family came to broken bow as well, including his dad, Dutch who is my grandpa.)
After we cleaned up, we had to go to another cabin for the fish fry (dinner.) We spent the remainder of the night hanging out and chatting at that cabin, until about 11, when we came back to ours. Then, I hopped on the computer, had a brief programing tutorial, before posting the journal, and crashing. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up and got ready and went to a “adventure day” event that was for the blind. There, I did several activites, then we came home and I listened to my book “aragon” until dinner. After dinner, I played with the dogs, then went outside. Then, I came in, got on the computer, watched tv, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.
Also, I would like to part from you by sharing some images I got from various events at the eventure day.

This is me doing archery. I am going to shoot the bow and aro

This is the worm on the hook before I fish

This is me fishing

This is me getting my aros from the target that I shot them at.

This is the shot after I throw a string with two golf balls and try to get around any level of a bar that is in front of me. I make a perfect shot, and that is what you are seeing.