All is well

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

It’s november first, which means the start of a new month. It means cooler weather, rainy days, and a time change. It also means thanks givving, and the last month before Christmas.

Best of all, it means yet another exciting month to blog in. Who knows what exciting things might happen; where I’ll go, or what I’ll do.

I have several things I want to get done in the next month. Here they are:

1. do the four podcast episode I was and am supposed to do. The one from the first and third Saturday of last month, and also the ones for this month.
2. Start working on Stranded part iii. I want to make this one really long and somewhat dificult, it being the last book in the Stranded series. Though I hope to get it completed this month, I will not release it until Christmas, just to give you something more to look forward to during the holidays.
3. Programming. I want to get BGT learned and down the drain. I am thinking about restarting the manual, and writing some form of notes page so that I will fully remember. God, I wish there was some sort of BGT quiz I could take at the end to make sure I know it all.
Wait a sec, what kind of teenager wants a quiz? 🙂
I also want to learn HTML, and a text adventure (like stranded) programming language called Tads 3.
4. Come up with some form of Christmas list. I can’t think of anything I want, at least for now, to save my life!!! I’d better get to thinking; Christmas draws closer each day.
5. Correct orchestra problems. I can’t perform a streight bow for anything. I’m working on it though, and have made lots of progress since I started bowings.
6. Fix my computer problems once and for all. My computer at home is running smoothely most of the time now, but there are still errors (according to the action center) that I need to fix. I! need! to! fix! them!
Sorry if that sounded mad… it wasn’t meant that way. Those exclamation marks were just there for emphasis.
7. Celebrate my cat’s birthday. My cat, who is turning 9, has a birthday on probably the oddest day of the year. His birthday is on 11/12/13… the second to last consecutive day in the 21st centry!
By the way, if anyone’s tenth birthday is that day, you’re very… how do I put it… rare I guess. Who turns 10 on 11/12/13?
8. Beat probably the hardest game for the blind ever invented on Earth and beyond. It’s called AAC, (adventure at c:), and is a strategy side scroller. This will be demoed on Episode 13 of the podcast. By the way, I probably exagerated a bit when I said how hard it was, but it’s still very hard to beat.
Well I guess that’s about it for my november to-do list. I can’t think about anything else… except:
9. be chill.

I just put that there to add a 9th thing.

Well instead of repeting myself and talking about my orchestra concert and that family get together I said were going to happen, I think I will just give a quick life update before I go.

Wednesday and Thursday were good days. For some reason, I don’t know how that happened, I was in a good mood two, if not three days in a row (I’m counting today). I guess that’s do to the fact that Wednesday was thunderstorms (my favorite weather), Thursday was haloween and my mother’s cousin came down to visit, and that today is Friday.
Finally, tomorrow, since I don’t have goal ball practice , I get to sleep late in the morning, and stay up reasonably late tonight.
Who knows, I might even get to start on Stranded or learning that programming language!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

A 3 day weekend looming ahead

Hey you guys,
Steve is back with a vengeance.

Below is another epic post of awesomeness written by the world’s best writer…
Yeah, as if.
Well let’s get on with it.
My week was a pretty good one; not a lot of stress; not much in the way of homework. It was mainly filled with school, zombie smashin’, screechy violin practice, and rain.

Nothing huge has happened since the last post I made on Saturday. After posting that, my week went relatively normal. If you’re wondering if anything bad happened to me on Friday the 13, I can’t say it did. The only thing bad about Friday the 13 is the inevitable realization that no matter what you do, what you say, whether or not you manage to make your way out of Earth’s atmosphere and send it careening backwards a few days (I don’t think that’s possible but who cares), there will always be a Monday the 16th. Sure enough, that day has come and passed, along with Tuesday the 17, Wednesday the 18, and Thursday the 19. Alas, a good portion of Friday the 20th has also passed, and I can now look forward to a fantastic 3 day weekend. One during which I can look forward to at least 2 days of sleeping in, late nights filled with programming and Skyping friends, and just being chill.
Well anyway, since I got side tracked and decided to talk about the future, let’s do that thing I said about sending the earth back a few days, and recap on my week.

Sunday was a chill day. Unfortunately, although I skyped Devin, I didn’t do the podcast, so I’ll have to do both episodes tomorrow. But hey, at least they’re getting done, so I guess it really doesn’t matter much if you think about it.
On Monday, I of course went to school. That day, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were almost identical in my routine. Going to school, knocking out homework if there was any to be done, and then programming and skyping or whatever. I have been doing far less programming than the passed two weeks, because I’m now at the stage of the scm where there are only 1 or 2 bugs here and there, and even then those bugs are few and far between. It took Devin 5 to 10 minutes of playing with the software to find one, and I fixed that. I also added the ability to add allies, computer controled players that can kill zombies and be killed as the player can.

Well I guess that about wraps up tonight’s post.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,
P.S. We got 2 or 3 inches of rain from last night to this afternoon. Astounding, right?

what’s been going on with me lately

Hey you guys,
Steve is back.

I took a blogging break, but not a major one. I guess it doesn’t matter really how long I was gone, but the fact that I’m back into it matters more. Well, this blog update will come in two parts, one tonight and one tomorrow because I have quite a bit to tell you.

Today, I will tell you my life events, while tomorrow I will tell you about the project I’m working on, so enjoy!

Basicly, life has been going good for me. Last week was pretty normal, being that I had goalball to attend, homework to complete, and that I had to practice my violin skills. Oh yeah, if you’re curious as to how that’s going, it’s pretty boring as of now. I am optomistic that that will change, though. Really what we are doing now is plucking strings, and we just started with the left hand down, making the notes. If you play string instroments, you get what I’m talking about.
On another note, this week so far was pretty normal as well. Saturday we went to the lake, there were quite a few of us (my parents, my sister and I, my sister’s friend Kristen, and my parents’ friends and their kids all came). It lasted pretty much all afternoon.
Now I guess I should make a confession and excuse to go along with it. Unlike most excuses however, the one I’m about to give you is not a lie to get my way out of trouble. So, here it is:
confession–I haven’t done podcast episode 10
excuse–I have been doing some hard core programming and beta testing on a project that I plan to demonstrate in the podcast release.
More on the program will be talked about tomorrow.

Well so to summarise my last two weeks up, I have been skyping friends, doing homework, going to school, programming, and all that good stuff. I can say however, that I’m glad it’s the weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

P.S. The power went out at school today. People were freeking out at everything, (I guess I can get that because it’s Friday the 13th).
Oh yeah, happy Friday the 13th to you. Don’t let Jason get ya.

it’s Friday!

Hey Guys,
Steve Here.

It’s finally Friday!
Or should I say,
“It’s already Friday?”

It’s Friday! The pressure releaf is on!
No omore stress, the weekend, no more homework, and THE WEEKEND!!!
Well, I’ve had a pretty good school week. I had a lot of math textbook homework, not a lot of questions, just a lot of books. I also had tech homework, but I’ve finished that as well. I feel like the world has just been lifted off my shoulders and that I am free. The weekend is coming up, which means it is almost time for goalball! I can’t wait for goalball!

Also, did you know it is the start of March? March means:
1. spring is coming
2. easter is coming
3. my birthday is coming.

Also, I’ve came up with a new name for March. It is:
Steven D awareness Month.
This has officially started.

Otherwise, let me tell you about my week sence there was only 1 post this week.
Well, to tell you the truth, nothing much has happened. I’m still doing good, my family is doing good, and so is my cat.

Wanting to hear about my game?

That is going good as well. I didn’t work on it yesterday, but I promice it will be finished by Sunday night. That is 2 days, so I should finish it by then. When I do it will be put up.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great eppic awesome weekend!!!!!

how my day went

today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home and drank a moka java chiller from sonic, before coming home and getting ready to go to papa and nanna’s house. Then, Libby, Mom, Dad, and I were off to papa’s. When we got there, Libby and I pulled out our computers, and my parents left for New Orlines. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with PPapa and nanna, and I swam for a few hours, then I took a shower. That is all I did today.

more big storms expected

On Friday, there is a 60% chance of storms. We can expect some heavy rain, small hail, and wind and lightning to occur tomorrow across north texas. Also tonight, there could be severe weather to the northwest, that could spread to the south. Please watch out for the weather, and have a good friday.

how my day went

today, I got up, and found my padometer. It was what woke me up, although I feel a little bit bad for the act of discarding my cat who slept with me when I went to get it.
After that, I played with the cat, then listened to my book. I ate lunch around 11, and then got on the computer. Then, I listened to my book, ate lunch, then talked to my dad and listened to my book. Then, I played with my sister, and on the computer for a while. Then, I listened to my book, played on the computer, listened to my book again, cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, listened to my book, and played on the computer until my mom got home. Then, I ate a really good dinner, then went upstairs. Then, I came down and got a drink, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today was Friday april 29. I went to school like normal glad to be done with taks in witch I took yesterday. The morning was normal, but in the afternoon, I was in recess when I was throwing a hula-hoop back and forth with my teacher, I pulled a mussle in my arm. It was all I could do not to throw up it hurt so bad. After recess, me and my class had free time in the class room. Free time is when we have no work and my teacher let’s us do what ever we like. Then, we went to music at 2:00 PM and after that the day ended. For the rest of the day, I just played at home. Then, I ate dinner wich was fish. Now, I am just blogging.