my first podcast episode released

Hey you guys,
Steve again.

I have officially released my first episode of the steven D podcast. Since I am severe storm steve, the podcast begins with a news introduction music.
This podcast is in mp3 format, and the show notes are right below on this post. Hope you enjoy!
On this week’s show, I describe:
First, I predict a rather pleasant seeming forecast. Could things turn for the worsed by mid week? And, I describe my last 2 days. Did the rize adventures event go according to plan? Did anything scary, interesting, funny, cool, gerrastic happen? And finally, I present a children’s hand held game for the game of the day, but is this really just a hand held game?
Find all of this out on tonight’s episode of the Steven D Podcast!
download and listen to the podcast in your native media player
or, use the player below:

show overview

In this show, I predicted a rather spring like weather forecast with some possible storms. Then, I talked about recent life events such as the rize adventures event and my mother’s gladiator run. Next, I reviewed our game of the day, Bop It Ultimate.

Links mencioned in the podcast

the bop it game talked about
podcast page
website with the game of the day

final specks

  • near 15 minutes long
  • 3 segmented podcast
  • 16bit stereo

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Note:the podcast will from now on be found only on the my podcast page.

Thanks for reading,
Type you later

how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home, took alergy medacine, then did homework. After that, I played on the computer for a while, and then listened to my book until dinner. After that, I just unloaded the dish washer, put up my clothes, then just spent the rest of my time editing my website, until I posted my blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up and hung out with my sister for a while. Then, we worked out, and I fell off the treadmill (it didn’t hurt that bad, but it was a shock.)
Then, I hung out with libby for a while, until she played violin, and I played with a cat toy. Then we ate lunch, and mom and dad got home. When that happened, I did the treadmill again because I was bored, then played on the computer and piano. Then, I took a shower and ate a snack. Then, me, mom, and Libby went major grocery shopping, and it took us over 2 hours. When we got back, I ate dinner, and got on the blog. That is all I did today.

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Flowers day 7: update

Today, the flowers are making some progress. One of the 2 in the round container (glass) has started to grow leaves. The others aren’t doing much, but I think I drowned the 2 in the tall square bucket :(. The ones in the long rectangle bucket, are still working on it. I will come back with another update when needed.

free blogging platforms

Have you ever wanted a blog, with the 20 platforms in this post, you can. From diaries, to guestbooks, to albums, to chat ingens, I spent a long time looking these up for your convenience. Please enjoy, and I hope you get the blog you want!

Have you ever wanted a blog, journal, or diary? Well, below are at least 10 places you can choose from. Some, you can do diaries, and some you can’t. But, some of them have other features. Please comment if you like it or not, and so I can have your feedback.

type pad:
self-hosted wordpress:
live journal:
weebly (can also be a site):
sos blogs:
inube: guestbook, blog, photo album, or site: