how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home, played on the computer, did chores, ate dinner, then snuggled with the cat because it is his birthday (Trashua). After that, I finished the after dinner part of my chores, then posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.

Happy birthday kitty

I would like to wish my cat a wonderful 8th birthday today. I can still remember the day I got him which was Friday, December 24, 2004, 6 weeks after he was born. Since I don’t know the exact date but know what time frame (nov 7-12) he was born, I celebrate the birthday on the 12th. Please like if you are a wordpress user or comment if you are not one if you wish him a happy birthday!

how my day went

Today, I got up and played on the computer for a while. Then, I did the elliptical, ate lunch, and messed around on the computer until me and libby played cards. Then, I ate a snack, we played cards again, then we had to find the kitten because she got lost. After that, I sat outside for a while, played on the computer, then ate dinner.
After dinner, I listened to my book, made crafts, and then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

about the cat

I just wanted to share to you some info that I learned from google, wikipedia, and other inet resorses.
1. Did you know that cats don’t just pur when they are happy? Nope, they will also pur in tence situations, or near-death states, or even during illness.
2. Have you ever wanted to know how much your cat purs? Cats pur in a freequency of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. Pretty fast, huh?
3. A sign of trust. When your cat exposes ther chest or stomach, it usually means they have a good sign of trust in you. Note, overwait cats may also lay on there sides or backs to keep comfertable.
4. Stay away! Cats will growl, hiss, arch ther backs, or twitch there tails as a sign that you have irritated them, and also they can fold back there ears. When there ears are flat, they feel threatened.
5. Do you wonder why cats arch? I know I told you for there protection, but they do this to make themselves look larger. Cats can do this to scare off danger.