at the airport

Hey guys,

I am now at the airport getting ready to fly home. I am currently at the Portland International Jetport. My plain doesn’t board for 15 to 20 minutes, and so I just got on the computer. I am just sitting hear, blogging on my laptop, connected to the airport’s guest network.

I am not looking forward to going back home. The temperatures are supposed to be around 106 today, and where I am right now, it is in the 60’s. Even though I am just coming home from vacation, I have a camp coming up on Sunday, so it looks like i’m just going to get home, and not have any time to unpack.

The worst part about traveling back to Texas from Maine, is the temperature and air quality change. In Maine, the air is cool and easy to breathe. When I step off the plain back in Texas, I literately have to catch my breath.

It has been a fun vacation for all of us,, and it seems like it flew by. I wish it wasn’t over, but all of us are kind of ready to go home to Texas.
The first thing I want to do when I get home, is see Trashua (my kitty).

Well, I wish you all a good day, and for all of you going on vacation, I am jealous of you.

On the bright side, this was the first vbacation that I didn’t get a sun burn. I usually get those when I spend too much time on the beach.

Well, even though I love talking to you guys, I’ve probly got to go. I better hurry and stop typing, before I get adicted all over again. So, by, and I will post again later.

Maine: day 6 of 6

It is the last day of vacation, and I don’t want to go home and return to the 102 digree heat expected in Texas tomorrow. Well, here is how today went.

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I showered, got ready, and walked up to the pear and baught some candy. When we got back to the cottage, it was raining, so we ate lunch, then I spent a few hours downstairs working on my new jaw breaker. Then, I ate dinner, finished my jaw breaker while playing on the computer, then played some jenga. After that, I ate pie, then got on the computer. That is all I did today.

Maine: day 5 of 6

Yep, it’s been another day. Here is how it went.
Today, I got up, got ready, and went to the beach. Then, I came back to the cottage. By the way, I boogy borded for the first time today. I’m sorry, but I don’t have immages. Well, I ate lunch at the cottage, then hung out downstairs in the apartment for a while. Then, I went to the beach again, came back, played on the computer, ate dinner, got back on the computer, then posted my journal entery. That is all I did today.

Main: day 3 of 6

Today, I got up, and we all got ready, and went kayaking. Then, we came back, and ate lunch. After lunch, we hung out in the cottage for a while, then went to the veriaty shop. When we got back, I had a snack, then me, Dad, Mom, Broadrik, and Libby went to the beach for a couple hours. Then, we came back and I started eating my jaw breaker (it is the size of a pool-ball,) then we ate dinner. I showered of course, and after dinner, I just sat around eating my jaw breaker for a while. Then, I got on the computer. That is all I did today.

maine: day 2/6

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I hung out in the apartment until we went to the beach. Then, we came back and had lunch, went to the pear, then went right back to the beach. When we got finished with the beach, we came back and cooked dinner, and I played on the computer. Then, I ate dinner with the others, and hung out with a little kid while he played his little kid games. After that, me and my family went to Garsides for ice cream. Then, we came back, ate the ice cream, then I played on the computer. That is all I did today.
By “pear” I mean a bridge over the beach that people like to hang out on. There are shops, and even a carnivle there.
–end of PS–

how my day went

I am posting this so early because where I am on vacation, the time is 1 hour ahead. It is only 6:30 where I am because me and my mom got to the airport in New Hampshire at 5:30 and were supposed to jump off the plane and meet my dad and sister so we could drive the rest of the way to ocean park Maine. But since my dad and sister rode on stand by, they were bumped on 2 of there flights. This means they will not be at the New Hampshire airport until about 10:00 Eastern time. So I am posting this post because I am boored. Well today I got up very early and ate breakfast. After that, I got ready with my mom. My dad and sister had already left to go to the airport. Well, after we got ready, my grandpa picked us up and took us to the airport. Our first flight was at 10:45 Am. It was flight 1023 from Dallas texas to Adlanta Georgia. Our next flight was at 3:10 from Adlanta Georgia to ManChester NewHampshire. After that plain landed, we have just been sitting here waiting for my sister and dad