Stranded release and Monday’s Musings 10: My thoughts on how people should learn to program

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Stranded part 3 has been released! It’s called “the end game,” and has lots of exciting things in it! I hope you enjoy playing this gamebook! If you haven’t played stranded part 1 or 2, they’re available on the game books page.

Monday’s musings post:

Ever since I got into programming and computers, I always thought certain things about being a programmer:
1. you must know multiple languages.
2. To learn a programming language, you have to read the whole manual until you get all the concepts.

However I have figured out that is not true.
The main thing that got me into believing that was the manual for BGT (blastbay game toolkit), a scripting language for coding audiogames, or games for the blind. That manual basically told you to read a chapter until you completely got what it was talking about, then move on. But I have realised that’s not the case.
When I first started learning Pure Basic, even though it was just about 4 days ago and I still don’t know it completely, I figured out that language didn’t have a chapter book to read. No, it had basically a list of the commands, and how to code them in. So instead of reading all of those, I came up with a plan, that I believe people should always use when programming.
1. The reference manual is called a reference manual for a reason. It’s not there just for a good read or 2, it’s there in case you need help at any point while programming. So don’t try to read the whole book, Read what you need, and keep looking back on it as you go.
2. learn by experience. When trying to lose wait or get muscle, you don’t just watch the fitness tapes or just listen to what a fitness instructor says… do you? If so, you might know how to do all those exercises, but you wouldn’t have developed the strength needed to do them. It’s the same with programming. You can’t just look at the manual and expect to know the language, you need practice. My suggestion, program as you learn. take my word processor for example. I didn’t know a lick of pure basic before I began coding it, but look where it is now. I have gotten this far simpley because I thought of a feature I needed, and looked at the reference manual for assistance. Doing this has taught me file management, menu creation, using enumerations and procedures, and even a few other handy tools I’ll need to use when programming.
3. Experiment. Sometimes, you aren’t always going to find the answer to your questions in the reference manual. On the occasion that this should occur, use your knoledge and experiment with code you think would work. Move some lines around. Delete or add extra words or characters. Either way, you’re not gonna get far without experimenting.
4. resources. The reference manual is not the only thing you can go to for help. There’s always the good old world wide web. Think about a subject in school. Would you learn math only using the textbook? No. You need a teacher (in programming, you’re usually teaching yourself), yes you’ll need the book sometimes, and you might also need the web. But either way, remember that the reference manual is not your only answer.
5. And the final thing I’ve figured out about programming, is that you need to stay determined. Programming is not a skill you can pick up over night, it takes time. Get frustrated. Back away from your computer. It’s going to happen sometimes… but stay determined and motivated. Don’t let anything or anyone hinder you.

I hope this will help people is it did for me. And if you’re wondering how this qualifies as a Monday’s Musings post, I am sharing my thoughts on learning programming, and how I think it should be done.

So if you guys ever become a programmer, take in mind my advice–because it might just help you some time.

Thanks for reading,
Type you later,

how my day went

Today, I got up and played on the computer for a wile. I am not used to the time change. After that, I got ready and went to school like normal. When I got home, I cleaned my room and put my clothes away. After that, I did my math home work and then ate dinner. After dinner, I sat on the couch and fell asleep for a few minutes. Then, I played on the computer whyle my sister showered. After she showered, I did. After my shower, I played on the blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home and took some medicin for my ear drainage and stuffy nose. After that, I layed in my bed for a wile. Then, I ate dinner. After that, I played outside and threw rocks and my hula-hoop. Then, I came in and showered. After that, I ate a snack then got on the computer. That is all I did today.

how my day went

today I got up at around 7:25 AM. Then, I made my self some woffels for breakfast. After that, I went up to my room and played on mix pad audio mixer. Mix pad is a program that you can mix music together. You run it on your computer. After that, I played with a golfball in my bathroom for about 30 Minutes. Later, I played with some marbles. After that, My sister came home from her friend’s house and we ate lunch. I only ate chips. After that, I just hung out in my room until dinner. I skipped dinner and got on the computer for a wile. Then, I took a little nap. After that, I got on the blog. that is all I did today.

how my day went

I am posting this so early because where I am on vacation, the time is 1 hour ahead. It is only 6:30 where I am because me and my mom got to the airport in New Hampshire at 5:30 and were supposed to jump off the plane and meet my dad and sister so we could drive the rest of the way to ocean park Maine. But since my dad and sister rode on stand by, they were bumped on 2 of there flights. This means they will not be at the New Hampshire airport until about 10:00 Eastern time. So I am posting this post because I am boored. Well today I got up very early and ate breakfast. After that, I got ready with my mom. My dad and sister had already left to go to the airport. Well, after we got ready, my grandpa picked us up and took us to the airport. Our first flight was at 10:45 Am. It was flight 1023 from Dallas texas to Adlanta Georgia. Our next flight was at 3:10 from Adlanta Georgia to ManChester NewHampshire. After that plain landed, we have just been sitting here waiting for my sister and dad