All is well

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

It’s november first, which means the start of a new month. It means cooler weather, rainy days, and a time change. It also means thanks givving, and the last month before Christmas.

Best of all, it means yet another exciting month to blog in. Who knows what exciting things might happen; where I’ll go, or what I’ll do.

I have several things I want to get done in the next month. Here they are:

1. do the four podcast episode I was and am supposed to do. The one from the first and third Saturday of last month, and also the ones for this month.
2. Start working on Stranded part iii. I want to make this one really long and somewhat dificult, it being the last book in the Stranded series. Though I hope to get it completed this month, I will not release it until Christmas, just to give you something more to look forward to during the holidays.
3. Programming. I want to get BGT learned and down the drain. I am thinking about restarting the manual, and writing some form of notes page so that I will fully remember. God, I wish there was some sort of BGT quiz I could take at the end to make sure I know it all.
Wait a sec, what kind of teenager wants a quiz? 🙂
I also want to learn HTML, and a text adventure (like stranded) programming language called Tads 3.
4. Come up with some form of Christmas list. I can’t think of anything I want, at least for now, to save my life!!! I’d better get to thinking; Christmas draws closer each day.
5. Correct orchestra problems. I can’t perform a streight bow for anything. I’m working on it though, and have made lots of progress since I started bowings.
6. Fix my computer problems once and for all. My computer at home is running smoothely most of the time now, but there are still errors (according to the action center) that I need to fix. I! need! to! fix! them!
Sorry if that sounded mad… it wasn’t meant that way. Those exclamation marks were just there for emphasis.
7. Celebrate my cat’s birthday. My cat, who is turning 9, has a birthday on probably the oddest day of the year. His birthday is on 11/12/13… the second to last consecutive day in the 21st centry!
By the way, if anyone’s tenth birthday is that day, you’re very… how do I put it… rare I guess. Who turns 10 on 11/12/13?
8. Beat probably the hardest game for the blind ever invented on Earth and beyond. It’s called AAC, (adventure at c:), and is a strategy side scroller. This will be demoed on Episode 13 of the podcast. By the way, I probably exagerated a bit when I said how hard it was, but it’s still very hard to beat.
Well I guess that’s about it for my november to-do list. I can’t think about anything else… except:
9. be chill.

I just put that there to add a 9th thing.

Well instead of repeting myself and talking about my orchestra concert and that family get together I said were going to happen, I think I will just give a quick life update before I go.

Wednesday and Thursday were good days. For some reason, I don’t know how that happened, I was in a good mood two, if not three days in a row (I’m counting today). I guess that’s do to the fact that Wednesday was thunderstorms (my favorite weather), Thursday was haloween and my mother’s cousin came down to visit, and that today is Friday.
Finally, tomorrow, since I don’t have goal ball practice , I get to sleep late in the morning, and stay up reasonably late tonight.
Who knows, I might even get to start on Stranded or learning that programming language!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,