Very heavy rain event coming up in north texas

Hello guys,

I am here to tell you about something intresting that is developing. I have heard from the sorces I listen to:

  • fox4
  • krld A.M
  • NOAA weather radio

Those tell me that North, and all the rest of texas will be hit by a large rain event from early Tuesday morning through late Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning. This will likely bring between 1 and 4 inches of rain to our area, as bands of heavy rains move across. This prolonged rain event could cause some flooding. On the bright side, it will bring us relief from the droubt conditions we’ve been having


Finely, after 3 months of pure sun, fire, heat, and wind, the rain is back with a vengence across the planes. Over the next 3 days, expect heavy rainfall totals in west texas to be 3 to 5 inches and 1 to 2 inches else where across north texas. Across the southeast, expect flash-flooding to occur as a result of heavy tropical like downpores this weekend. In parts of the southwest where we haven’t seen the much needed rain, flash flooding is more likely to occur. As a result of the on going dry conditions, you might think that all this rain will be a big relief. But, watch out for flash flooding.